Adhesive Showcard C-Pocket

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Product highlights

  • self-adhesive cover for posters
  • directly from the manufacturer
  • A0 - A7
  • individually printable on request
  • can be produced in special formats
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Adhesive Poster Holder C-Pocket

These anti-reflective and self-adhesive poster pockets (also known as C showcard pockets) are ideal for displaying your array of posters, business information and advertising material in a range of standard A sizes, from A0 to A7, in both portrait and landscape formats.

The adhesive poster holder C-pockets protect against moisture, dust and dirt. Please note however, due to the open back of these pockets, they are not fully waterproof and therefore we would recommend using them in an indoor environment. This does not mean that you can’t utilise the C-pockets to showcase advertisements outside. The transparent poster pocket can be stuck to a variety of flat surfaces, including walls, doors and even windows. Utilising these self-adhesive poster pockets on windows allows you to create a double-sided display, clearly showcasing a poster from both the inside and outside of the premises concurrently.

We used UV-stabilised film, which over time minimises the impact of discolouration from the sunlight. This ensures that your inserts stay in tiptop shape for your long-term use.

Due to the nonwoven adhesive applied on the back, these adhesive C-pockets can stick to all smooth surfaces and can be removed without leaving residue behind. In addition, versions of the self adhesive pouch with magnetic tape are also possible on request.
Adhesive Poster Holder C-Pocket on Wall with Holiday Poster


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Product Description

Why are they called C-pockets?

C-pockets get their name from their shape when viewed from the side. The strips at both the top and the bottom of the poster pocket, when inserting the poster inside, give the illusion of a C-shape.

Is this C-pocket waterproof?

Whilst the C-pockets help to protect your insert against dust and dirt, due to the design of the pocket and its open back, a large portion of your poster will always be directly touching the surface that the pocket was placed on. As such, these poster pockets are not considered to be waterproof and we would recommend using them indoors only.

For an option suitable for outdoor use, check out our Waterproof Poster Pocket.

Where can I display the adhesive showcard C-pocket?

Generally, a self-adhesive poster C-pocket can be utilised on any flat surface, but commonly, you may find them dotted around various businesses in these locations:

  • Walls – Practically any wall can be used to showcase your advertisements or business information with these self-adhesive poster pockets. They’re a great tool to ensure that you’re fully utilising any wall space, helping to create more interesting and eye-catching displays.
  • Windows – If you’re wanting to achieve maximum impact with these transparent poster C-pockets, a window is the perfect place to use them. With both the clear glass and transparent pocket, this provides you with the option of creating a double-sided display, maximising the potential impact from both sides of the window. Additionally, this can help you to further improve your outdoor displays without exposing your poster pockets to the outdoor elements.
  • Doors – Often an area overlooked, but doors can be an extremely useful area for communicating your marketing messages or important business information. Dependent upon whether you have glass panels or not in your doors, you can also showcase double-sided displays here too. If this is not something your doors have, a single-sided display with the use of a C-pocket is still extremely useful.


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Variants Insert size Orientation Item number Item No. Price
A0 landscape A0
26.0039.1 £ 6.27 view Article »
A0 portrait A0
26.0039.2 £ 6.27 view Article »
A1 landscape A1
26.0039.4 £ 3.91 view Article »
A1 portrait A1
26.0039.3 £ 3.91 view Article »
A2 landscape A2
26.0039.5 £ 2.93 view Article »
A2 portrait A2
26.0039.6 £ 2.71 view Article »
A3 landscape A3
26.0039.7 £ 1.85 view Article »
A3 portrait A3
26.0039.8 £ 1.40 view Article »
A4 landscape A4
26.0039.10 £ 0.91 view Article »
A4 portrait A4
26.0039.9 £ 0.99 view Article »
A5 landscape A5
26.0039.11 £ 0.94 view Article »
A5 portrait A5
26.0039.12 £ 0.87 view Article »
A6 landscape A6
26.0039.14 £ 0.84 view Article »
A6 portrait A6
26.0039.13 £ 0.75 view Article »
A7 landscape A7
26.0039.16 £ 0.78 view Article »
A7 portrait A7
26.0039.15 £ 0.71 view Article »
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