The VKF Renzel store offers a wide selection of display advertising columns. They are perfect as advertising media in retail stores during promotional campaigns, as well as at events and exhibitions. This is a great way to make your business stand out further and add that extra boost for your product or service promotion.
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Advertising Columns to Attract the Customer's Attention

The advantage of utilising an advertising column is its height, as it is incredibly visible from quite a distance away. It will certainly attract the eyes of many people and encourage them to ingest the information presented. You will find a number of advertising columns e.g. on the streets or even parks, where they inform people about events taking place in the area.

In our store, you will find various types of advertising columns. You can choose from a classic model made from a steel sheet or an inflatable equivalent. This is an increasingly popular solution, mainly due to its functionality. Inflatable advertising columns are simple and quick to assemble too. Simply use the pump and the air-filled pole will decorate your stand. It is certainly a good choice due to its easy transportability. We also have pop up towers that are perfect for exhibition fairs. The round shapes tower will allow you to present the most important information in an interesting way.

Add-Ons to Make the Ad More Attractive

By purchasing advertising columns, you can look into personalising them. In many cases, print can be added on to the item. Some of the columns we offer also have a backlight function, which will certainly help in improving the appearance of your advertisement.

If you are planning for an upcoming event or need an alternative to help display your offers, products and/or services to customers, then consider purchasing an advertising column for this particular use. We also stock a wide array of other promotional products that will further enhance the look of your exhibition stand or business premises.
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