EasyCubes consists of just three basic elements; the base, the cubes themselves and the cover - the possibilities in product presentation, however, are endless. The patented and modular plug-in system is easy to convert and vary. You can create your unique goods display without tools in a short amount of time.
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A Flexible Display for Your Products

EasyCubes is suitable for shopfitting for long-term use, as well as a presentation display for trade fairs and events. Small areas of 40 x 40cm, as well as large areas such as complete exhibition stands or shop windows can be equipped with EasyCubes. Compared to static displays, the EasyCubes are a cheap alternative because the cubes can be easily converted and the product presentation can be quickly adapted to the environment and the goods. There's no need for tools, simply stack the cubes on top of one another to create your dream display. When you no longer need that specific display or you simply want to freshen everything up, the displays are incredibly easy to dismantle and build into a new showcase.

Modular Systems With an Individual Touch

Only 3 elements are needed to create a unique product presentation system.

EasyCubes Overview

The floor elements are connected using a connector. The "Floor" elements are then covered directly with the "Cover" or stacked with the "Cubes". Pre-made sets are also available to save you having to think about the different elements involved in creating your display.

The covers can be printed for further individuality. With the help of the digital printing process, even the most demanding motifs of the highest quality are possible. You will find individual solutions for inspiration in our gallery.
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