In addition to a practical business card stand, business card boxes can ensure that your cards stay in the best possible shape and are always safely transported to your next event or appointment. Here you will find a wide variety of business card boxes and cases. In addition to the classic business card cases, we also supply robust business card boxes manufactured with plastic, ideal for outdoor use.

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Business card boxes for every use

A business card box is not only a secure storage place for your business cards, at the same time it is also a shapely and efficient way to keep your business cards together and always ensures that you have one at hand when needed. Whether made of a fine metal, artificial leather or crystal clear plastic, we're sure to have something suitable with the many varieties of business card cases we have on offer. Find out more about our business card boxes here in our online shop.

A business card box for indoor or outdoor use

The standard size business card boxes are ideal for the most commonly used size of business cards, but alternatively, bank cards could also be placed inside of one of the boxes or cases. Of course, the desired use of these boxes in completely determined by yourself. With the business card cases REFLECTS-KOLLAM, you will receive a very sophisticated model with a leather look, which always attracts attention with its gunmetal plating. Or you could opt for the REFLECTS-HALIFAX; a lightweight business card box which can be used for storing your business cards and as a business card stand. However if you're looking for a product to place in an outdoor area, the business card box "Universum" would be a great solution.

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