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Business card dispensers are an essential item for reception desks and exhibitions. Customers can easily take a business card from the card holder and can then contact you at a later date to make an enquiry, or even better to place an order. Choose from countertop and wall mounted business card holders in single and multiple variants, for indoor or outdoor use.

At VKF Renzel we only produce products from the highest quality materials and this is what our business card dispensers are manufactured from. Use a free standing business card holder to display on a desk top near a checkout or reception where a higher volume of customers are more likely to see and take one. We also have wall mounted business card holders if space is an issue. Choose from a single dispenser to a multiple business card dispenser.

Here at VKF Renzel we can also offer you the option to have your business card holder personalised with a company name or logo printed or engraved on them. If you have any questions or need advice, then please call our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Business Card Holders From VKF Renzel UK

What are business card holders?

As would be suggested in the name, business card holders are a way of holding or displaying business cards to provide easy access for people to take a business card. Within the range, you have the option to choose from single business card holders that hold just one design or multi business card holders to display up to 20 business cards at once. We stock both countertop and wall mounted business card holders, as well as business card cases.

I don’t have a standard sized business card; do you have anything suitable?

A standard business card typically measures 88.9mm x 50.8mm and most of our business card holders have been created to fit this size. Sometimes, however, your business cards may not be a standard landscape format and finding a business card holder to sufficiently hold and display your business cards may be difficult. Some of the business card holders here do have options suitable for portrait business cards of a standard size, these being the Business Card Stand “Universum” and the Business Card Holder “Flexxible”. Transportable business card holders will be suitable for landscape or portrait cards of a standard size too. With that said, business cards smaller in size than a standard card will also fit, but will not fill the entire card holder out.

Where are business card holders best used?

There are no limits as to where a business card holder can be placed, however these are some of the most popular and effective locations. A reception desk is a great place to start, as every visitor must pass through here. Pop in a selection of business cards for visitors to take as and when they need them, allowing them to collect additional information on your business and/or contacts. A desk may also be a useful space to place a business card holder. By keeping your business cards on your desk within close reach, it’ll mean business cards can be quickly handed out when needed. Exhibitions are also an important place to incorporate a business card holder. This allows visitors to your stand to take a business card of yours with them, providing a contact to potential clients.

Can I use these business card holders outside?

Most of our business card holders are for indoor use only, however we do stock a number of outdoor business card holders too. These include Business Card Box “Universum” and Business Card Dispenser “Fontana”, offering an option for both landscape and portrait business cards. These acrylic business card holders have lids to protect the contents from the weather and are both wall mounted single dispenser business card holders.

I always need my business cards on me; do you offer any transportable card holders or cases?

Yes, we offer a selection of business card cases which can be used to keep your business cards close to you at all times, without taking up large volumes of space. Available in polypropylene, metal and artificial leather, these cases fit standard or smaller sized business cards.

Do you produce any sustainable business card holders?

Most of our business card holders are manufactured from plastic, however the Business Card Dispenser Made from Wood is a great option if you’re looking for something more environmentally friendly. These wooden business card holders display up to 15 business cards at one time and is manufactured primarily from natural and renewable raw materials.

Can I have my company name or logo engraved or printed on my business card holder?

We offer the option to engrave or print your logo or business name onto a wide selection of our business card holders. Please contact us directly if you would like either engraved or printed on.

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