Wall mounted business card holders are ideal in many locations, whether a bank, information centre or company reception, there's a business card holder perfectly suited for any situation. If you're looking to display a single business card or showcase multiple business cards at the same time, our range has a design that'll work for you. Many of our products are made from crystal clear acrylic and make for the perfect addition to clearly bring your business cards front and centre. 

If you have any questions or would like a bespoke design, then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Wall Mounted Business Card Holders

Where are wall mounted business card holders best used?
Wall mounted business card holders can be used just about anywhere you like, but are particularly in environments like receptions or information centres. They’re perfect tools when space has become an issue, as they take up no floor space and limited wall space and still clearly display each and every business card with their transparent acrylic fronts. Remember to also ensure that your business card holders are easily reachable for your visitors.
How many business cards should I display at once?
That's completely up to you! Our Business Card Holder "Clip" is great if you have just one business card to display (and will hang efficiently on a leaflet holder too), whereas on the other end of the spectrum, display up to 20 business card at once with the Business Card Holder "Olea".
Can I use these wall mounted business card holders outside?
These products are not suitable for use outdoors; however, we do stock two wall mounted business card boxes which can be used outdoors. These include the Business Card Box “Universum” and the Business Card Dispenser, which offer an option for both landscape and portrait business cards.
Do you offer branding on your wall mounted business card holders?
Branding in terms of printing and engraving is possible. Please get in contact with us if you require engraved or branded business card holders.
I need a bespoke business card holder created; can you do this?
Whilst we stock a wide range of standard items, we do have the capabilities to create bespoke holders. Please contact us directly to further discuss your requirements.
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