Leaflet holders for shelves are designed to dispense leaflets on a shelving system. If you are limited on space this is a great way to incorporate leaflets into you marketing plan. Additionally, these can be displayed alongside your products which, if used correctly, can make it a great accompanying tool when promoting specific products. Place next to a certain product so the customers can take some literature about that product.
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Utilising Leaflet Holders for Shelves

We have a diverse range of Leaflet Holders for Shelves that can sit any retail environment. These have been designed for use with the retail sector – so business such as supermarkets or department stores. These can be attached via shelving strips or are completely sperate units that can be attached to a shelf. Having Leaflets dispensed via a shelving unit keeps a shopping area organised. If you have any questions about our range on offer here – feel free to contact us today!   

What Materials Do We Use For Our Shelf Leaflet Holders?

We use a range of different materials for our shelf leaflet holders so we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Depending on the environment you are in, it is important to keep up with apperances by using suitable materials. The materials we use are:
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