Below you'll see our selection of pegboard displays. We offer pegboard display stands in the most varied shapes and sizes and have pegboard stands with solid feet or units on wheels which can be moved about your store with ease. The "Eden" Pegboard Display Unit is particularly popular in the retail industry; equipped with two shelves for the perfect product presentation. We also have counter top display systems too, in which you could display keyrings or any smaller items you have in store right at the tills for extra add on sales.

View our range and don't forget the pegboard essentials too, such as Pegboard Hooks and the much needed Pegboard Accessories.

If you have any questions on our pegboard display range then please call our experienced sales team and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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Pegboard Displays from VKF Renzel - Create the Perfect Product Display


What can I display on my pegboard display?

There’s no limit to where pegboard display systems can be used; you’ll find them just about anywhere, from supermarkets to garden centres to clothing stores. These freestanding systems, like the Pegwall System “Eden” are used to display a wide array of typically small to medium sizes products with the aid of hooks and other accessories – think gift cards, jewellery and toys, but with that said, the options are really endless and just about anything can be displayed on a pegboard system.



I only need a countertop pegwall display; what do you have suitable?

Whilst we offer a number of large freestanding pegboard display systems, we also have a plethora of smaller, countertop displays available. The Pegwall Display “Easy” is a great option for those requiring a double-sided display, whereas the Counter Frame for Display System “Multi” along with the Pegwall Component for Counter Top Display System "Multi" is a perfect rotatable solution. Alternatively, we also offer the Pegwall Counter Display "Step"  which is ideal for those searching for a shorter, yet still effective solution. These countertop pegboard displays are useful for displaying a selection of smaller and enticing products directly to the customer. Ensure these displays are place at eye level in a location where a higher number of people are likely to pass through, as this will increase the amount of interest in the products shown.



What accessories do you sell for pegwall display systems?

The most popular accessory for pegboard systems, Pegwall Hooks, are used across the country to help showcase a large number of products directly to consumers. Available in both metal and plastic variants, with single or double hooks, we are sure to have hooks suitable for your exact requirements. These easy to attach pegwall hooks aren’t the only accessory we offer for these display systems; we also supply locks, Hang Tabs for products without a suitable EuroHole, barkers and leaflet holders too, to name a few.



What is the benefit of using a pegwall display unit?

Most importantly, a major benefit of pegwall displays is that these display systems are fully customisable in the sense that with the use of the array of accessories available, you can easily change your display as and when you wish. This offers you a plethora of design options and allows you to continuously create fresh displays to keep your customers interested and engaged.



I’m not sure which pegboard display will be best for me; can you help?

With the expansive range of systems available, it might be difficult to decide which pegboard shelving system will best be suited towards your needs. Please feel free to get in contact with us and we will certainly help in finding the perfect solution for you.



Do you offer pegwall systems with branding?

Yes, some of our pegboard displays do have the possibility of having branding added to them. If you would like to have this done, please contact us directly to discuss further.

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