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High quality pegboard walls and hooks are certainly an indispensable component of a successful shop fitting. Below we present our large assortment of pegboard hooks for the perfect presentation of goods. We offer either single of double pegwall hooks, in either metal or plastic, with a range of varying hole spacings and in many different lengths. Therefore, we’re sure to have a suitable pegboard hook for your exact need.

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High Quality Pegboard Hooks for Presenting Goods in Pegboard Walls

Anyone who has decided to set up their shop with pegboard walls for the presentation of certain goods can choose from a wide range of our strong perforated wall hooks – select the optimal hooks for your specific need. From single hooks to double hooks and hooks with or without swinging pockets, here you will find everything you need for the ideal presentation of your goods. In addition to the most common single and double pegboard hooks, we also have a special Heavy-Duty Double Hook in our product range to safely accommodate the heavier products you may wish to display. We also offer a variety of accessories to effectively supplement the products on display; take a look at our assortment here. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products and their applications.

Perforated display stands, blister hooks and matching accessories

Many possibilities are open to you with very little effort. Our shop fittings with perforated walls can be changed again and again with little effort.

First a perforated wall stands or “Tego” shelf with Euro perforation is required. You will find different displays in the "Perforated wall display" category. In addition to perforated wall hangers or counter displays, rotating elements are also a part of our range. These stands are placed in shopping areas and the basis for your facility with perforated wall stands is already in place.

Hooks for the perforated wall can be placed anywhere. Thanks to the standardised Euro perforation of the perforated walls, the items can be attached to any perforated wall and any Tego shelf. The perforated wall hooks with euro holes are both easy to attach and easy to remove.

The set of wall hooks and euro hole hooks is completed by accessories. The accessories include attractive product carriers, pendulum clips or scanner holders. There are numerous possibilities for combination and expansion.

High-quality perforated wall hooks for presentation on perforated walls

 Have you decided on what furnishings to have with perforated walls? In our online shop you can choose between a wide variety of models of perforated wall hooks. From single hooks to double hooks, hooks with swivel flaps and scanner holders. Here you will find everything you need for the ideal presentation of your goods on perforated walls.

The hooks are available in a wide variety of lengths and wire thicknesses. You are able to adapt the shop fittings perfectly to your range. By simply attaching the hooks, you remain flexible in the design of your product presentation.

In addition to the most common single and double hooks, we also have special heavy-duty double hooks in our range. These are perfect for securely attaching the heavier products to the perforated wall. The hooks can be easily converted or fitted with new goods and blister packs thanks to various adhesive hooks for retrofitting.
Order perforated wall hooks and accessories online

Article security for perforated wall hooks

In addition, your goods can be secured on the perforated wall hook with a hook lock. You can use these locks to protect your range against theft.

To do this, the colourful lock is simply pushed onto the respective perforated wall hook. The products cannot be removed from the hook without the necessary key.

Price marking on the perforated wall hook

Price labelling is key in the point of sale / point of purchase industry. In addition to the scanner rails for Tego shelves, there are also loads of other options for indicating prices on your perforated shelf.

One of these possibilities are the blister hooks. Pendulum bags and pendulum clips are suitable for pricing directly on the product. The price is indicated in the immediate vicinity of the product. The products can still be easily pushed onto the hooks.

A price tag can easily be inserted into the pendulum pocket or the transparent pendulum clip. A label can be placed on the metal or plastic pendulum clips. Of course, we also offer other ways of displaying prices, such as scanner rails for perforated wall hooks or scanner holders.

Take a look around our range. If you have any questions about the products and their use, we will be happy to advise you!
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