High quality pegboard walls and hooks are certainly an indispensable component of a successful shop fitting. Below we present our large assortment of pegboard hooks for the perfect presentation of goods. We offer either single of double pegwall hooks, in either metal or plastic, with a range of varying hole spacings and in many different lengths. Therefore, we’re sure to have a suitable pegboard hook for your exact need.

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The Benefits of Pegboard Walls

Pegboard walls are an incredibly versatile storage solution. They keep your space organised and free up room in the middle of your shop by allowing you to neatly arrange items on your walls. What’s more, because pegboard hooks can be easily moved, removed and replaced, it couldn’t be easier to rearrange your displays or adapt them to your current stock and offers.

All the hooks we supply are designed to fit into pegboards with standard-size holes, often referred to as “Tego” or “Euro” perforation. As such, you’ll never have to worry about ensuring that your pegboard accessories match. From wall hooks and Euro hole hooks to attractive product carriers, pendulum clips and scanner holders, all you have to do is slot and go.

Looking to expand your pegwall storage? In addition to our quality pegboard hooks and accessories, we stock a wide range of different perforated wall displays, including perforated wall hangers, counter displays and rotating elements. These can be easily placed in shopping areas to enhance your current pegboard solutions.

Pegwall Hooks

High-quality pegboard walls and hooks are certainly an indispensable component of any shop arrangement. Discover our large assortment of pegboard hooks below for the perfect presentation of goods. We offer both single and double pegwall hooks, in either metal or plastic, with a range of varying hole spacings and in many different lengths. We’re therefore sure to have suitable pegboard hooks for your exact needs.

Our Range of Pegboard Hooks for Pegboard Walls

We stock a range of different pegboard hooks – available in single- and double-rung styles and made from either metal or plastic – so, whatever you need to organise, we’re guaranteed to have just what you’re looking for. In fact, with varying hole spacings and innovative heavy-duty double hooks, we have pegboards and pegwall hooks for absolutely any product, in addition to a wide range of pegboard accessories, such as price tags, hook locks, shelves, leaflet holders and more. The only limit is your creativity.

What Type of Pegboard Hooks do I Need?

We have a wide variety of pegboard hooks available, each specifically designed to fit perfectly with our perforated walls.

Firstly, you will need to choose between our single and double pegboard hooks. Double pegboard hooks tend to work best with products with a wider opening for hanging, whilst single pegboard hooks work best with smaller perforations in the product packaging. L-shaped pegwall hooks are also great for wider products, whilst J-shaped varieties are great for hanging tools and other pieces of equipment.

Another factor you will need to take into consideration is item weight. In addition to the most common single and double pegwall hooks, we also have special heavy-duty double hooks in our range. These are perfect for securely attaching heavier products to your perforated wall.

Finally, think about length and wire thickness. Generally speaking, the longer your pegwall hook, the greater the number of items you will be able to stock on that rung. Nevertheless, always ensure that this does not result in excess weight being supported and consider how far you want items to stick out if you have a smaller room or shop.


Pegboard Hook Accessories

As mentioned above, VKF Renzel has an extensive range of perforated wall accessories. For instance, you may wish to choose pegboard hooks with swivel flaps or scanner holders for maximum convenience.

Our pegboard hook locks are among some of our most popular pegwall accessories, as they ensure that your items remain securely attached to your walls, without the risk of falling, breakage or theft. Available in a range of colours, simply slot your pegboard lock onto the end of your perforated wall hook to ensure that the products behind it cannot be removed without the relevant key.

Price labels are another incredibly popular pegboard accessory. Indeed, pricing information is key at the point of sale, regardless of the type of items you are marketing. Ensure that customers can access this information easily by exploring our scanner rails for Tego shelves or one of our many other price tag pegboard accessories. For instance, our pendulum bags and pendulum clips enable you to easily indicate pricing directly on your products, without compromising your ability to easily push products onto your blister hooks.

Alternatively, price tags can be easily inserted into pendulum pockets or transparent pendulum clips or you could place a label on your metal or plastic pendulum clips. We also stock a huge range of scanner rails and scanner holders for perforated wall hooks that you may wish to explore.

High-Quality Pegboard Hooks for Presenting Goods in Pegboard Walls

Anyone who has decided to set up their shop using pegboard walls to present their goods can choose from a wide range of our strong perforated wall hooks. Simply select the right hooks for your specific need. From single hooks to double hooks and hooks with our without swinging pockets, at VKF Renzel, you will find everything you need for the ideal presentation of your goods.

In addition to the most common single and double pegboard hooks, we also stock a special heavy-duty double hook in our product range to safely accommodate any heavier products you may wish to display. We also offer a variety of accessories to effectively supplement the products on display. Take a look at our range and feel free to contact us for more information about our pegboard products and their specific applications.

Perforated Display Stands, Blister Hooks and Matching Accessories

Perforated display stands open up many possibilities for arranging and rearranging your shop with very little effort. Our range of pegboard hooks and other shop fittings for perforated walls can be changed again and again with little planning.

First, a selection of perforated wall stands or “Tego” shelves with Euro perforation is required. You will find a selection of different displays in the perforated wall display section of our website. In addition to perforated wall hangers and counter displays, you will find a selection of rotating elements in our range. These stands can be placed in shopping areas to form the basis of your offers, where perforated wall stands are already in place.

Hooks for your perforated wall can be placed anywhere. Thanks to the standardised Euro perforation used to create perforated walls, items can be attached to any perforated wall and any Tego shelf. Your perforated wall hooks with Euro holes are both easy to attach and easy to remove.

The set of wall hooks and Euro hole hooks you will require can also be complemented by our vast range of perforated wall accessories. These accessories include attractive product carriers, pendulum clips and scanner holders. There are numerous possibilities for combination and expansion, allowing you to create the ideal perforated wall for your shop.

High-Quality Perforated Wall Hooks for Presentation on Perforated Walls

Need help deciding which accessories to install on your perforated walls? In our online shop, you will find a wide variety of models of perforated wall hooks to choose from, from single hooks to double hooks and from hooks with swivel flaps to scanner holders. At VKF Renzel, you will find everything you need for the ideal presentation of your goods on perforated walls.

Our perforated wall hooks are available in a wide variety of lengths and wire thicknesses and you can adapt our shop fittings perfectly to suit your offer range. Simply attach the hooks for a flexible way to present your goods and products.

In addition to stocking the most common types of single and double pegboard hooks, we also have special heavy-duty double hooks in our range. These are perfect for securely attaching heavier products to your perforated walls. These hooks can be easily converted or fitted with new goods and blister packs, thanks to their adhesive properties and capacity for retrofitting.

Article Security for Perforated Wall Hooks

If security is a concern, your goods can be secured to your perforated wall hooks using hook locks. You can use these locks to protect your range against theft.

To do this, simply push the colourful lock onto the respective perforated wall hook. Your products cannot be removed from the hook without the necessary key.


Need Help Designing your Perfect Pegwall?

If you have any questions or queries about any of our products and what they might be used for, browse our FAQs below or get in touch by phoning us on 01527 878311 or emailing us at sales@vkf-renzel.co.uk. We would be more than happy to advise you on the most appropriate pegboards and hooks for your specific needs and requirements.

Price marking on the Perforated Wall Hook

Price labelling is critical in the point of sale and point of purchase industry. In addition to the scanner rails for Tego shelves, there are many other options for indicating prices on your perforated shelf.

One of these possibilities are the blister hooks. Pendulum bags and pendulum clips are suitable for pricing directly on the product. The price is indicated in the immediate vicinity of the products, which can still be easily pushed onto the hooks.

A price tag can easily be inserted into the pendulum pocket or the transparent pendulum clip. A label can be placed on the metal or plastic pendulum clips. Of course, we also offer other ways of displaying prices, such as scanner rails for perforated wall hooks or scanner holders.


Pegboard Hooks FAQs

All Euro and Tego-type pegboards are perforated with standard-sized holes to allow you to insert any kind of pegboard hooks and accessories into them with ease. Pegboard hooks and perforated wall accessories are self-supporting, meaning that once you have slotted them into the perforation in your pegwall, they should remain in place without the need to attach them using adhesive or other products.
Our range of perforated wall and pegboard products are designed for commercial use, meaning that they are perfect for holding a range of goods and products, regardless of weight. If you want to display heavier items, we highly recommend taking advantage of our heavy-duty pegboard hooks, specifically designed for this purpose.
There are plenty of ways in which to make your pegboard displays look more attractive. Here are our top five:
  1. Choose the right pegboard hooks and accessories: Getting the right size hooks for your products ensures that they will hang correctly, making your stock appear more attractive to customers overall. Consider alternative ways of displaying items, too. For instance, leaflet holders or wider hooks might be more appropriate for the types of products you currently sell
  2. Leave the right spacing: A cluttered pegwall makes for confused customers. Don’t overwhelm them with too much choice and instead, keep things simple. It’s also a good idea to keep high-value items or items that you want to sell well in your customers eyeline to ensure they get enough attention.
  3. Organise by theme: Keep groups of similar items together. For instance, if you sell jewellery, keep all your gold earrings on one stand and all your silver necklaces on another. Not only does this make products easier to find but also looks easier on the eye.
  4. Organise by colour: Colour-coordinating your items also enhances their visual appeal, whilst making your shop a more welcoming place to be.
  5. Use price tags and accessories to your advantage: Making sure you display clear product pricing and information is about more than transparency and improving the customer experience. Thinking about font, style and graphics, you can create enhance your branding and overall aesthetic, too.
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