Showcard and poster frames can be used in a variety of ways with poster stands, hangers and other accessories. They are available in most standard A sizes, such as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6 and can be used in most industries including, retail, restaurants, hotels, schools and universities, plus so much more! In addition, with our extensive range of showcard range, you can create an effective poster display as these products are cost-effective and are an easy-to-use solution to display offers on products or important information regarding your business. You're sure to see these plastic frames used almost anywhere you go!

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Showcard Frames - A Cost Effective Method for Displaying Your Posters

Versatile Poster Frames

Many of our classic poster frames allow for the easy exchange of the posters inside. Use the frame again and again to present your current advertising materials or to make important information clear to the consumer. We also offer poster frames in special formats, as well as poster frames for shopping trolleys. Decide for yourself which advertising purpose you want to use the respective frames for... we have poster frames readily available for any use.

Poster Frames are the Perfect Choice to Showcase an Offer or an Action

The Plastic Poster Frame, for example, is a classic for product and price labelling; available in 11 different colours (including silver, transparent, chrome-plated and more), we offer a wide range so that you can perfectly adapt the colour of the product labelling to your market or theme. Or you can opt for the "Style" Poster Frame, a classic DIN A4 poster frame with a new design that comes available in a plethora of colours. When it comes to equipping retail shopping trolleys, the Poster Frame for Shopping Trolleys is most definitely the best choice. The double-sided placement of the poster frame enables individual advertising to be placed inside and outside of the shopping trolley, so always directly in the field of vision of the customer. This 2-piece set is suitable for nearly all common types of shopping trolleys, and assembly and paper change can be done without tools. For signage within the aisle, the "Special Format" Poster Frame is a great choice. In various colours and widths, this practical poster frame can also be used as a frame shelf stopper.

Poster Frames as Effective Advertising Media

Most models of poster frames are extremely beneficial due to their simple design; the focus should be on the offer inside and not on the frame. In addition, our poster frames are available in many different colours and sometimes also in different dimensions to enhance any advertising, information, text or images further.
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