If you're already utilising our showcard frames, U-pockets can help to offer a clear protective layer for your inserts. Simply place your insert in between the U-pockets folds, then slide the pocket into the frame. As a result, your poster will be more protected from dust and dirt.

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On the various pages found here, you will find the accessory parts needed for our plastic poster frames, for fastening and mounting, as well as multiple stands, connectors, clamps and holders for poster frames.

Poster frames can be hung with eyelets, attached to pipes with pipe connectors, fixed to metal surfaces with magnetic holders, hung and attached with hooks, mounted with adhesive vacuum cleaners on smooth surfaces (including glass), attached to boxes with clamps, mounted on the wall by wall mount - the possibilities are almost endless.

Poster stands with feet, extendable pipes, t-pieces and poster frames can then be put together here. And finally, you will also find the U-Pocket here to protect your print media in the poster frame from dust, dirt and moisture.

Take a look through our wide range of products and contact us with any questions you may have about our produdcts; we are happy to advise you further!
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