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Point of sale equipment suitable for a shopping centre

A Large Variety of Products Suitable for Shopping Centres

Within the shopping centre or shopping mall, you want to provide a unique shopping experience to your customers with store branding and clear directional signage. You want to attract more people to your shopping centre and encourage them to spend a longer time browsing the stores. Your shopping centre may have facilities from shopping to eateries, therefore, make sure you clearly have the materials to advertise this. At VKF Renzel, we have a variety of point of sale equipment for you to choose from.


Signage to Display Directions

As your shopping centre is a large public place, it is essential to ensure there is clear signage throughout. Shoppers want to have a pain-free experience, especially during busier seasonal times. At VKF Renzel, we offer many POS products that can be utilised to offer Clear Signposting.
The most popular way to display clearly visible directions is via ceiling suspensions. We have a large range of Ceiling Hooks suitable for your ceiling poster weight, size and material. Our ceiling hanger “Madrid” includes steel cable and eyelets for fixing and offers a double-sided usable area to display various information. Easily display store names to direct your shoppers to the right location. 

Another recommended way to display directions within your shopping centre is by implementing information columns. We offer a variety of information columns to help inform your shoppers where they need to be heading. Information columns can be utilised in many ways to not only display directions, but also any promotional materials you may deem suitable for your shopping centre, such as an upcoming event. Our info column “Ellipse Removeable Medium” is an elliptical info column with poster clamps, with advertising space for four posters in A1 formats. There is a quick and easy exchange of inserts, useful for if any new shops enter your shopping centre.

Digital Displays

Shopping centres have a high footfall, with a range of customers who are looking for different things. It is important to ensure that advertisements around your shopping centre are suitable for the different types of customers. We recommend the inclusion of Digital Displays inside your shopping centres. The use of such digital displays is seen as a fundamental element within your shopping centre to encourage shoppers' behaviours and for illuminating specific brands and promotions. Digital stands are also a great way for your shoppers to interact with the navigation of your venue; some digital displays are touchscreen and so allow you to display your shopping centre map where customers can search to see the location of different shops.

Information Desks

Many shopping centres have an information desk or customer services area. Poster Stands are a great way to improve visual communication. We recommend our “Stretch Frame Display Straight”. Also utilise barrier stands to ensure that if there is a queue of people, they can stand and wait patiently in an orderly manner.

Poster Stands

At VKF Renzel, we have a large variety of different poster stand formats to suit your exact location and specific use. We suggest placing poster stands strategically around your shopping centre in places that have a higher footfall. For example, place your poster stands near benches - whilst having a rest shoppers will look around, spot the poster stand and have a read.  If you have an event taking place, we suggest using lightweight poster stands that can easily be manoeurved. Many of our poster stands are manufactured with our click frame technology, allowing for a simple exchange of poster inserts.

Advertising columns

As previously mentioned, it is important to try and increase your shoppers' time spent in your shopping centre. Advertising columns are a great way to display any upcoming events or one-off events that are taking place. Advertising columns can also be utilised to offer stores extra promotion in and around your shopping centre to entice customers to visit their stores. Our Advertising Column “Construct” is a light, 4-sided image pillar with a square base frame from the Construct series. If your shopping centre caters for wider activities as well as shopping, such as a food court, then an advertising column is a great way to distinguish this and can also be utilised as a navigation tool.
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