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Below you'll find our range of suction cups, available for you to display your selection of posters and signs. These suction cups, or window suckers, are an easy solution to display posters and advertisements on your window so passing trade and potential customers can clearly see them. In our range, we have threaded and double, as well as suction cups with a hook. Our suction cups are a simple, but ingenious solution for installation on flat surfaces, especially glass. These ensure a secure grip, are subtle in appearance and versatile too. 

View our range and order securely online or contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help you find the right suction cup for your poster and sign display.

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A Wide Variety of Suction Cups

Suction cups are practical tools to effectively hold your displays on smooth surfaces, such as glasses, mirror or tiles, without the need of drilling holes or gluing said item to the surface. They are available in many different variants, including suction cups with hooks, nuts, threads and more!

Up to what weight can suction cups hold?
Suction cups are generally used to display posters and the likes, however if your display is of a little more weight, then these suction cups are still a great option; the variety of fixings on the suction cups help for them to hold quite a weight. If you’re unsure if a particular suction cup will sufficiently hold the weight of your product, please contact us directly to discuss further.

What surfaces will suction cups stick to?
Whilst many materials will sufficiently hold suction cups and window suckers, surfaces including glass, mirror, tiles and acrylic will best be suited for the use of these strong suction cups. This is the reason why they’re commonly used to hold advertising materials in window displays, showcasing exciting offers and new products/services.

How do I attach my poster to the suction cup?
There are various ways in which advertising materials, posters and even leaflet holders can be attached to the suction cups. We stock a range of suction cups with threads, nuts, hooks and sign grippers, to name a few, so can ensure that there will be a suitable suction cup solution for displaying pretty much anything.

Will the suction cup leave any residue?
No, the great thing about suction cups is that they leave absolutely no residue behind. Therefore, if you plan on moving your content around or need to readjust the positioning of a current display, you can do so without the worry of leaving marks behind.

I’m not sure if the suction cup with be suitable for my display.
If you’re not completely certain on which suction cup will be best suited for your display, then please contact our sales team directly and we’ll be more than happy to help find the right solution for you.

What other alternatives do I have for fixing my poster to a window?
We don’t only offer suction cups for displaying your various posters, there are many other methods that will efficiently work too. Self-Adhesive Poster Pockets, which come in standard DIN sizes are a great option. These static transparent pockets also leave absolutely no residue behind. Adhesive Tapes may also to suitable, using the double-sided tape to securely attach the insert to the wall. Or if you’re looking to showcase a wider range of posters, a Cable Display would be a great permanent addition to a window; these are particular popular for estate agents.

Quick and Easy to Install

These strong suction cups, available with hooks, buttons and even various clamps ensure that the suction cups can easily hold quite a weight. This makes them the perfect solution for attaching a wide variety of promotional materials in the corporate sector. The Suction Cup with Hanging Hook "Metal" is a classic transparent suction cup with a hanging hook, which can be ordered in a practical set of 100 pieces. Or you could opt for the Suction Cup with Thread and Nut, which is particularly great for mounting brochure holders. With the Suction Cup Set for Spring-Loaded Frames, lightweight frames can be easily and conveniently attached. The set consists of 2 suction cups with a 40mm diameter and metal hooks for quick and easy attachment.

Suction Cups for Simple Attachment to Smooth Surfaces

There are many benefits when it comes to the use of suction cups. For example, posters can be placed quickly and easily in the shop window area and once attached to the surface, the suction cups remain in place, acting as a safe and long-term solution for helping to attach a wide variety of objects. After use, the suction cups can also be removed without leaving any residue.

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