Wind signs are very popular for outdoor use. Due to the fact that these wind signs have sand filled or water filled bases, they will outlast harsh weather conditions and will remain on their feet throughout anything. These weatherproof pavement signs can be fitted with most large standard DIN sizes. View our range and order online or contact us for advice.

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Wind Signs from VKF Renzel

What is a wind sign?
A wind sign is a type of pavement sign that due to the way it’s been manufactured, is incredibly durable within bad weather conditions. Each wind sign is made up of two components: the large poster holder and the plastic base, which easily fix in to one another. As with all pavement signs, wind signs are typically placed in front of a store or eatery in order to attract those walking by inside. A wind sign also acts as an obstacle for those on the street, as they have to pay more attention to the item to avoid walking into it. Therefore, offers or new product releases are regularly shown within these wind signs.

How and what do I fill my wind signs with?
The bases of wind signs need to be filled prior to use; this can be with either water or sand. The wind signs, which are easily filled at the base, also have wheels underneath to allow for easy movement of the sign if needed.

How will my wind sign fair in bad weather?
Wind signs are built for bad weather; their sand or water filled bases provide them with extra stability to ensure that the sign is not blown away in high winds and the flexible structures mean that the poster display itself will not snap off; it’ll simply move with the wind. We also stock specific waterproof wind signs so you don’t have to worry about bringing your sign in during a heavy downpour. These models include:Generally speaking, our weatherproof wind signs will outlast all harsh weather conditions.

Are wind signs double sided?
Yes, the vast majority of these pavement signs are double-sided, including our most popular Waterproof WindSigns “Seal”. This is extremely beneficial as double-sided wind signs give you the opportunity to double the content shown and bring in added attention from those passing by from not only one, but both sides of the pavement.

What sizes do you offer?
We offer a wide range of sizes when it comes to our wind signs. Common sizes you can expect to find are standard A size (A0 and A1), as well as 700mm x 1000mm.

Do you offer chalkboard wind signs?
If you’re after something a little different, a chalkboard wind sign might be a great choice. Our double-sided Chalkboard Pavement WindSign “Madera” is a popular choice within the food sector. Please note that the chalkboard pavement signs are however not weatherproof.

Can I easily replace my posters inside?
Yes, it’s incredibly easy to replace the posters inside. Depending upon the model that you choose, posters can be replaced by either slightly tipping the wind sign and sliding posters in and out, or they can be changed with the use of the snap frame technology, which you’ll find in the likes of the Waterproof Pavement WindSign “Seal”.
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