Acrylic Poster Sleeve "Basic" - without holes

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  • classic U-pocket
  • for one or two paper inserts
  • made of 2 mm acrylic, crystal clear
  • for inserts in A3 - A7 format
  • available in portrait or landscape format
  • directly from the manufacturer
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Acrylic Poster Pockets (Without Holes)

Acrylic poster pockets are transparent display sleeves made from high-quality acrylic material. These pockets are designed to protect and showcase posters, graphics, or other printed materials. Here at VKF Renzel, we offer the acrylic poster sleeves in various sizes to accommodate varying poster dimensions.

The main purpose of Perspex acrylic poster pockets is to provide a clear and durable protective layer for posters. The transparent nature of the acrylic allows for full visibility of the content while shielding it from dust, moisture, and physical damage. This ensures that the printed poster remains in pristine condition, preserving its quality and appearance over time.

We have a range of size options available, including A3 to A7 in both portrait and landscape orientations. This variety ensures that you have flexibility in choosing the right wall mounted poster sleeve for your specific poster dimensions and orientation preferences. This diverse selection helps to cater to a wide range of display needs across different settings and industries.
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Product Description

When it comes to fixing options for acrylic poster pockets, there are several versatile methods to consider. Each option offers distinct advantages, allowing for flexibility in display placement and style. Here are three popular fixing options: clear double-sided tape, suction cups, and stand-off fixings.
 Clear double-sided tape is a reliable and straightforward method for attaching acrylic poster pockets to a variety of surfaces. This option is ideal for smooth, flat, and clean surfaces, such as glass, metal, or painted walls. The tape provides a secure hold while maintaining a seamless and clean look, as it remains virtually invisible. It's an excellent choice for situations where a flush, non-intrusive mounting solution is preferred. Additionally, using clear double-sided tape avoids the need for drilling holes, making it a non-invasive option for sensitive materials or surfaces.

If you require clear double-sided tape, we can supply this with the acrylic pocket. Please contact us directly at 01527 878311 or for a quote.
 Suction cups are a versatile and temporary fixing option for acrylic poster pockets. They work particularly well on smooth, non-porous surfaces like glass or tile. Suction cups create a strong vacuum seal, holding the pocket securely in place without the need for adhesive or hardware. This option allows for easy repositioning or removal of the pocket, making it an excellent choice for frequently changing displays or temporary installations.
 Stand-off fixings provide a distinctive and contemporary mounting solution for acrylic poster pockets. This option involves attaching the pocket to the wall using metal or acrylic stand-offs, creating a visually appealing floating effect. Stand-offs not only hold the pocket securely in place but also add a stylish element to the display. They come in various finishes and sizes, allowing for customisation to match the aesthetic of the environment. Stand-off fixings are particularly popular in estate agent and recruitment offices too, where a sleek and sophisticated window display is desired.

Ultimately, the choice of fixing option for acrylic poster pockets will depend on factors such as the surface type, display environment, and aesthetic preferences. Clear double-sided tape offers a seamless and secure solution, suction cups provide versatility and ease of repositioning, while stand-off fixings add a distinctive and modern touch to the display. With these options, you can confidently choose the best method to showcase your posters in a way that complements your unique style and needs.
These pockets are commonly used in a variety of settings, including:

Retail Environments: Acrylic poster pockets are frequently used in retail stores to display promotional posters, advertisements, or product information. They enhance the visual appeal of the displayed content and help attract the attention of customers.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: They are popular tools for presenting promotional materials and informational posters at trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. The transparent sleeves protect the posters from handling and potential damage while allowing attendees to easily view the content.

Offices and Corporate Spaces: Acrylic poster pockets find application in professional environments like offices, lobbies, and conference rooms. They are used to display announcements, company achievements, mission statements, and other informational materials in a polished and organised manner.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities utilize acrylic poster pockets to showcase educational materials, event notices, and academic achievements. They help in maintaining a neat and professional appearance in common areas and hallways.

Public Spaces: Acrylic poster pockets can be found in public spaces like libraries, community centers, and museums. They are used to present information about upcoming events, exhibitions, and other relevant content to visitors.

Restaurants and Cafes: In the hospitality industry, acrylic poster pockets are employed to display menus, specials, and promotions. The protective sleeves keep menus clean and presentable, even in high-traffic dining areas.

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices use acrylic poster pockets to disseminate important information to patients and visitors. They can be used to display health and safety guidelines, appointment schedules, and informational brochures.

Home and Personal Use: Individuals may also use acrylic poster pockets in their homes to display artwork, photographs, or decorative prints. They offer a stylish and protective way to showcase personal memorabilia.

In summary, acrylic poster pockets serve as versatile and practical tools for displaying and protecting posters and printed materials in a wide range of settings. They offer a clear, durable, and visually appealing solution for presenting information, advertisements, or artwork.
In addition to the standard acrylic poster pockets without holes, we also offer various other pockets to display your signs. Options with holes are readily available, providing you with the option to wall mount or hang your displays from the ceiling, and the varying materials and styles available means there's something for every possible need.

Explore our other options below to find the perfect solution for you and your specific needs:

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Variants Size Orientation Item number Item No. Price
A3 portrait A3
60.0149.31 £ 4.80 view Article »
A3 landscape A3
60.0149.32 £ 5.66 view Article »
A4 portrait A4
60.0149.33 £ 3.29 view Article »
A4 landscape A4
60.0149.34 £ 3.23 view Article »
A5 portrait A5
60.0149.35 £ 1.38 view Article »
A5 landscape A5
60.0149.36 £ 1.95 view Article »
A6 portrait A6
60.0149.37 £ 1.35 view Article »
A6 landscape A6
60.0149.38 £ 1.25 view Article »
A7 portrait A7
60.0149.66 £ 1.19 view Article »
A7 landscape A7
60.0149.65 £ 1.19 view Article »
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