Our Air Quality Measuring Devices are used to check the air quality within a workspace. This provides users an insight into the quality of air within a working environment – this can indicate whether a room is well ventilated. This has become an increasingly important form of information, as we now know good ventilation helps limit the spread of coronavirus. Invest in a Air Quality Measuring Device for you workplace today.
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Measure the quality of air in your workspace

With our devices you can check various details about the air conditions of your workspace. You can measure CO2 levels, humidity, temperature & air quality, depending on the model you select. All of our Air Quality Measuring Devices have clear displays that highlight the air conditions in a room. This can be one of our clear LED displays that will display a range of information’s or simply a light unit that displays the quality of air via a simple green-yellow-red traffic light system. Regardless of your specific needs, here at VKF Renzel we can accommodate. Contact our team today so they can assist you in your search for a Air Quality Measuring Device.
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