The promotion tent has long been one of the classic outdoor advertising media. It can be used as an advertising tent at events and trade fairs, as a sales tent or a promotion tent. Printed with logo or slogan, the tent provides an individual form of advertising. The promotion tent can be set up quickly, is easily folded and transported in a space-saving way.
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Quick to set up and dismantle, space-saving storage

The folding tents are waterproof, available in many basic colours and sizes, and qualitatively finished. The tents remain stable in wind and weather. Give your customers, visitors or passers-by the sun or rain protection they have been longing for. Choose the right tent for your project.

The various advertising tents are usually used at short notice. That means by the day or even only by the hour. They are used for openings, special events or sales. The use of short duration requires easy handling of the tents.

A well thought-out base frame facilitates the erection of the various tents. Most tents are folding pavilions and folding tents. The folded tent is first pulled apart. After the tent is pulled apart, it is lifted. Due to the lack of resistance, the tents unfold as if by magic.

Now it is necessary to fix the corners and to tension the tent accordingly. Once the tent is completely stretched, you can devote yourself to the tent legs. The tent legs are extended to the desired length and then fixed. The promotion tent is set up in no time at all.

Accordingly, the legs are retracted again after use and the tent is folded up. Up to a certain size of the tents (approx. 3x3 m), assembly and dismantling can also be carried out by just one person. Folded up, the folding pavilion can be stowed away easily and saves space. TÜV certification guarantees the safety and quality of the tent.

Some tents are equipped with an extra transport bag. The bag is ideal for storing the tents, protected from external influences. Practical carrying handles also make it easier to transport the tent from one place to another.
Zusammen gefaltetes Promotionzelt in weiß
Teilweise aufgestelltes Promotionzelt in weiß
Vollständig aufgestelltes Promotionzelt in weiß

Popular shelter in heat and rain

Hardly erected, the promotion tent is not only an advertising medium but also a pleasant shelter. On hot days, you provide customers, business partners or passers-by with the shade they have been longing for. When it rains, the tent provides a waterproof shelter. Especially queues or certain outdoor areas can be quickly and effectively shielded by a promotion tent.

Thanks to this shelter you can continue to provide a normal experience. Shopping, a consultation or an event can still take place without being exposed to the weather. Your presentation, your product or your company remains in the focus of the viewer.

The functionality and easy handling of the advertising tents qualifies them for use in various fields of application. For this reason, the items shown above are not only popular at trade fairs & events. In the field of outdoor advertising, it is hard to imagine the tents without them, as they catch the eyes of passers-by even from a distance.


Ideally tailored to the area of application

Do you want to draw attention to yourself at trade fairs or in outdoor advertising? A promotion tent is a great medium to catch the eyes of passers-by and to present yourself in a high-quality way. This is ensured on the one hand by a wide range of colours and on the other hand by the option of attractive printing.

All options are open to you for printing on the tent. Besides classic logo prints, full prints are also possible. Thanks to our own print shop, which has various printing techniques at its disposal, all design options are open to you.

With the desired dimensions and free design, you will receive a tent that is optimally adapted to your area of application. Decide now for your favourite among the promotion tents. Benefit from many advantages and make your next company presentation perfect.
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