A hygienic protection wall is a partition that can act as a hygienic shield helping to protect yourself or customers from the spread of viruses and harmful substances. This type of wall is used where a certain minimum distance cannot be maintained. Areas are separated off in order to offer people a certain level of hygiene protection in confined spaces. There is minimal disruption to normal business operations through the separation of the clear screens.
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Hygienic Protective Walls made of acrylic

Compared to a conventional barrier, a protective wall not only separates areas from each other, but also provides a protective function. This way the health of employees and customers can be influenced. At the same time, a transparent wall does not influence the perception of the room. View the right product for use in your office, restaurant or salesroom now.

With a hygienic barrier, you remain flexible and spontaneous. The mobile protective screens are not only quick to set up and place. Conversions and adjustments are also possible at any time. In addition, selected feet guarantee a firm stand.

In order to adapt perfectly to your location, we offer products with different characteristics. The various products with distinctive features are roll banners, classic partitions, folding walls and movable walls. The models are not only characterised by different materials, but also differ in handling, appearance and functionality. Learn more about the differences below.

If you are looking for a mobile hygiene barrier, we suggest a roll banner. Roll up banners are quick to set up and can also be quickly dismantled and stowed away to save space. Instead of a banner, these stands are equipped with a plastic tarpaulin.  Tarpaulins with pass-throughs can also be manufactured as an option.

Classic partition walls consist of an aluminium or metal frame in which an acrylic panel can be placed. The walls are available floor level or with shorter dimensions. The thin frame of these partitions provides a simple and upscale appearance. At the same time, the walls are ideal for a uniform and comprehensive furnishing of shops and businesses.

Angled hygiene barriers are needed? Partitions with angle adjustment are made of aluminium. Inside the walls there is room for several inserts or different panel materials. Alternatively, you can use the wall as advertising space with inserts and information sheets. Alternatively, panels made of glass or plastic can be inserted.

Transparent or slightly transparent hygiene protection walls ensure daylight in the various rooms. They create transparency in the room and do not restrict the room size. The customer or visitor does not get a constricting but a pleasant feeling. The transparency can be created by protective walls made of plastic or glass.

However, a transparent wall cannot be used as an information surface so easily. On a movable wall with a hinged frame, information is much easier to display and present. On the other hand, daylight may be intercepted. So how can a transparent partition wall still be used for education or advertising?

The hygiene protection wall is not only quick to set up, but also offers design possibilities. A large number of the partitions can be printed or adapted using various panel materials. This adaptation means that the respective wall can be used as an advertising wall or simple partition.

Especially in offices, the walls are recommended as an interactive communication medium. Replaceable inserts and wall elements make it possible to redesign the wall quickly. A protective wall made of perforated sheeting or whiteboard is also a great option for conferences and meetings at a later date.
Hygieneschutzwand mit PVC Banner im Büro
Hygieneschutzwand mit PVC Banner in der Gastronomie
Hygieneschutzwand mit PVC Banner im Fitnessstudio

Implementation of Hygiene Standards

Are you looking for a way to implement hygiene standards in your shop and at the workplace? Hygiene and safety in places of public life are more important than ever. It is important to take care of the health of your own staff as well as the other people who come into contact with your company. For this reason, certain precautions must be taken in the business equipment and shop fittings.

One of these precautions that must be taken is to ensure a certain amount of clearance. A minimum distance can be ensured by means of barrier stands, floor stickers or ticket systems. Highly frequented areas, such as cash registers, or narrow areas, for example a restaurant area, present a challenge. In these places, a standard of hygiene and safety can be implemented despite the limited space. This can be achieved by effectively placing a hygienic protective wall.

As soon as the wall is up, employees and customers can continue to go about their normal everyday life. In addition, business and day-to-day operations are not negatively affected. After use, the wall can either be converted or quickly stowed away. This is how you opt for sustainable and flexible performance.

The spit protection screens from our range are suitable as a hygiene protection wall for the checkout area or on the counter as product protection. In addition Sneeze Guards are also an essential part to mainting hygiene and safety measures. Browse through a large selection online. We will be happy to advise you when taking precautions on the topics of hygiene and safety. 
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