Shop Equipment & Sales Promotion for Bakeries


Shop Equipment & Sales Promotion for Bakeries


Pricing & Promotion in Bakeries

In bakeries there are usually a multitude of products on sale at one time, not to mention that they're usually in a relatively confined place too. Additionally offers may also change on a daily basis. Therefore, prices within bakeries need to be clearly visible and offers must be communicated quickly and easily. VKF Renzel offers a wide variety of useful aids.

Not only can prices and product information be overwritten in a matter of seconds, the use of chalkboards within bakeries can create a professional and warming environment. Our aluminium stand and poster frame with its folding function are optically very high quality; the posters and inserts can be quickly changed by simply opening and closing the frame.


What is Important for Sales Promotion in Bakeries?

  • Clean appearance and compliance with hygiene standards
  • Clear and easily visible pricing
  • Striking communication offers
  • Inviting ambience
  • Friendly staff


Our Product Range for Shop Equipment & Sales Promotion





Individual Displays for Bakeries

As a manufacturer of many sales promotion products, we'll produce your individual POS displays with an unmistakably recognisable effect.


Quality – Made in the UK

We produce a large number of our goods within the UK

High-Quality Materials

We value quality

Innovative Technology

We use the latest machinery and proven techniques




Our Successes

For over 30 years, we have been your reliable partner for sales promotion around the point of sale.









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