Below you’ll find our full range of chalkboard advertising boards. Chalkboards and slate boards are commonly used in hotels and the catering industry; showcasing menus, promotions and opening hours to name a few. In our range, you’ll find everything you need for the professional design you’re after. View our range and order securely online, or contact our experienced customer support team who will be more than happy to help you.

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Chalkboards & Slate Boards for your Company

Chalkboards and slate boards are a strong and particularly decorative sales aid. Whether they’re used in front of a café, restaurant or store, used atop of a table or as a wall element for pricing, in our online shop you will find a versatile range of different chalkboards and slate boards for almost every application. Take full advantage of our chalkboards in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily and quickly pass on a special offer or an advertising message to each and every one of your customers.


What different types of chalkboards do you have available?

We stock a large assortment of different chalkboards, all suitable for various purposes. Here you’ll find outdoor chalkboard designs, including A Board Chalkboards and the Chalkboard Partition Wall "Cafe", as well as a selection of wall mounted chalkboards. In addition, both tabletop chalkboards and shaped chalkboards are also available, alongside a range of accessories for use with the chalkboards.

Which chalkboards would you recommend for use in a restaurant or café?

Chalkboards are a particularly popular choice when it comes to using them in restaurants, cafes, pubs and the likes. They’re a great piece to help create a rustic environment and can consistently be changed to show new specials, offers and news.
Shaped Chalkboards are an excellent addition; add some animal shaped chalkboards to the décor in a rustic pub or restaurant, hang up a mug or cupcake in a café, or consider a wine-shaped chalkboard sign to showcase your latest wine list. A Tabletop Chalkboard may also be something to consider. Place them at or near the bar to make everyone aware of your latest offers, helping to increase last-minute impulse purchases. With that said, if you’re in need of a solution to display to your guests the specials menu or latest offers, then a Wall Mounted Chalkboard will be perfect.

For outdoor use, we also stock a wide range of Chalkboard A Board Signs. Place these a frame chalkboards in front of your premises and update them with enticing offers to attract more people into your establishment. These chalkboards are a particularly useful tool when situated on a busy street, helping to tempt more passersby inside.

Can you create a custom shaped chalkboard?

We create an extensive range of Wall Mounted Shaped Chalkboards; however, you may have a different shape for a hanging chalkboard in mind. If you would like a bespoke chalkboard created, please contact us directly to see if we’re able to create this for you – including an image of the shape, along with the required dimensions would be useful too.

What can I use to write on my chalkboard?

These chalkboards are all suitable for use with chalk. Alternatively, you can also create a beautiful display by using an array of chalkboard markers. Take a further look at the Illumigraph / Chalk Markers and Chalk Marker Set to help create your display today!

Chalkboards & Slate Boards in all Shapes & Sizes

How about our Slate Effect Boards, a classic slate board, which we offer in sizes ranging from A1 to A5? Specifically manufactured for indoor use, this slate blackboard with its rounded corners quickly becomes a shapely advertising medium. On the other hand, the Chalkboard Partition Wall “Café” is particularly suitable for outdoor use for restaurants and cafes. This 60cm wide and 1.15m high slate offers great protection for use outdoors and is a sleek option for advertising certain products. Especially in the gastronomy sector, this board can serve (either individually or side by side with several panels) as a screen and at the same time can be utilised to highlight current offers and important information. Or maybe you’re looking for a double-sided slate stand? Then our A Board Chalkboards may be the perfect option for you. Available in three different wooden frame colours, this chalkboard can be labelled with chalk markers, Illumigraphs and chalk, yet at the same time offer passers-by and visitors a good overview of food, drinks or other offers of the day. A very original and decorative version of the slate is the chalkboard “Gastronomy”; in the form of a glass, an oval or even a bottle, this chalkboard presents itself as an original platform for the presentation of food and beverage offers or as a wall decoration of a special kind.

Changing Offers with your Chalkboards & Slate Boards

Choose the chalkboard sign that best suits your needs; whether as a waterproof billboard for outdoor use or as a tabletop chalkboard to highlight current offers. Plus, give your new chalkboard an added personal touch by handwriting each board. No matter what size, whether square or round, whether with a wood or an aluminium frame (or completely frameless), get your favourites in our online shop now and use your new chalkboard as an individually designed eye-catcher for both regular and casual customers. Additionally, so that you can adapt and change your offer again and again, you will also find a variation of useful accessories for your chalkboards and slate boards here, including chalk markers, cleaning aids and microfibre cloths. Get your hands on a chalkboard today and increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Get in touch for more information.

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