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Restaurants & Cafes

Point of Sale Equipment & Sales Promotion for Restaurants & Cafes

Point of Sale Equipment & Sales Promotion for Restaurants & Cafes

Regardless of the business you operate, it's essential to have effective POS (point of sale) displays placed around the premises; restaurants and cafes are no exception to this. Both cafe and restaurant point of sale displays can be utilised in a variety of ways, whether this is to showcase products and prices to customers, advertise new items on your menu, provide information about updated policies or to act as signage around the establishment. 

Protecting Your Staff & Customers

Nowadays, there's a greater emphasis placed upon the protection of individuals and limiting the spread of germs from one person to another. There are a variety of tools you can easily use within a restaurant or cafe, as well as a wide array of protective measures that you can consider putting into place, in order to ensure that each and every individual feels as protected as possible. First of all, consider high traffic areas - this may include bars, payment and check-in areas. As a typical area in which social distancing cannot be as easily maintained between two parties, it's useful to install Protective Screens or Sneeze Guards to act as a barrier. Many of these also come with pre-cut sections at the base for the easy transfer of money or other items. Additionally, it's vital to recognise the importance of utilising Soap Dispensers and social distancing Floor Stickers, as well as potentially providing staff with protective Face Masks and/or Clear Visors for further reassurance.

What POS Displays do I Need?

The possibilities when it comes to cafe or restaurant point of sale displays is quite simply endless, therefore we understand that sometimes it can be quite difficult to know exactly where to start. First of all, consider the places within your establishment where you will typically place your point of sale displays. Effective areas for POS displays in restaurants or cafes are typically at check-in areas or within entrances/exits, payment areas and/or bars, as well as on the tables themselves. 

What display products are best to use around my facilities?

There are many ways to best display your products & menus. It is important to utilise all possible display opportunities within your premises. You want customers to acknowledge that you keep your restaurant tidy, clean and professionally organised at all times. Customers want to read about exclusive offers and upcoming events, therefore, it is vital that you showcase this. For example, in the main dining areas we suggest using Table Talkers & Table Top Displays, not only to display menus but to also advertise exclusive specials and discounts. From the table to the toilet, we recommend providing all toilet cubicles with Snap Frames on the backs on the door. This is an easy technique to regularly update displays and also guarantees that your displays shall we read. 

Are there any POS accessories that I should make use of?

There is no such thing as too many displays, especially if you are using different types. At VKF Renzel, we offer a variety of accessories that are suitable for your cafes and restaurants. For example, we can provide you with Table Numbers & Reserved Signs to Order Grabbers and Bill Ticket Holders

What displays are best for outside of my restaurant or cafe?

Outside displays and advertising are where you can entice more customers and attract new customers, therefore, your displays need to be professional, up to date and eyecatching. Our simpliest way we reccommend that you are to do this is by making use of chalkboard displays. Chalkboard A Boards are a versatile way to be creative with your displays and show off your businesses personality. They also allow you to create up to date displays at ease. When it comes to displaying menus outside, we recommend that a weatherproof display option is chosen, therefore you can protect your content. LED Displays are also a great way to catch your customers attention, as well as ensure that the menus are visible when the nights become darker. 
Check-in & Entrances
As the first point of contact, the entrance can be a crucial area in which you should opt to place your point of sale displays. If you own a restaurant, similarly a check-in area is as equally important. These areas in particular can be used for advertising purposes, to attract customers to special products you may be offering or to make these people aware of upcoming offers or special events. This is also the ideal location to make customers familiar with any important information, including new policies or procedures set in place. Consider the importance of A Boards, which can be used both inside and outside the premises; they're also an incredibly useful tool in helping to attract extra custom! Additonally, Table Top Sign Holders are ideal for displaying information on countertops, and Flip Display Systems are advantageous when presenting menus, potentially for those waiting at the check-in area or for those browsing outside.

Payment Areas & Bars
Even though your customers have chosen to purchase from you at this point, if you have an area in which your customers must go up to pay, such as a till in a cafe or bar area in a restaurant, it's still crucially important to place effective POS displays here. More than anything else, this is the place in which you can garner the last few impulse purchases. Consider placing signage near this location, perhaps in the form of a Poster Holder or Table Top Chalkboard, in which you can advertise special offers and encourage your customers to spend a little extra. Additionally, this is the ideal area to place an array of small snacks, such as crisps or cereal bars, within easy reach of your customers.

Potentially the most influential area in which you can utilise your point of sale displays in a cafe or restaurant. Once your customers have decided to eat at your establishment and have sat down at a table, they are then a captive audience for any POS placed here. Once again, Menu Holders or Menu Card Holders are especially useful, mainly for showcasing current offerings, but additionally for advertising purposes, as well as relaying important company information to each individual. It's common for customers to pick up the information left on the table and browse through it, so ensure that you're providing them with exciting and helpful material that will not only improve their current experience within your restaurant or cafe, but will also encourage them to return again. In addition, the use of Reserved Signs is usually relevant to many businesses in blocking off tables or saving certain tables for pre-booked parties.

Whilst these areas are vital in creating effective cafe or restaurant POS displays, there are still other areas which you may opt to take advantage of. Empty walls are a great location in which you can implement various Frames or Chalkboards, advertising special offers or quite simply just for decoration purposes. There are also various Food Dispensers and Food Displays on offer, which may help to protect the products on offer from contamination, as well as create more aesthetically pleasing displays for your food and drinks available.

Take a look at our full range of point of sale displays recommended for cafes and restaurants:

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