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Electronic Price Labels (ESL)

System solutions for your company

Electronic price tags take your price labelling to a new level and set the course for the shopping experience of the future. Control your prices centrally from the workplace and implement price changes within seconds. The introduction of modern price labelling brings many considerable advantages (which we discuss below!)

Why rely on digital price tags?

The manual changing of price labelling is time consuming and labour-intensive. Labels and price tags for various products have to be checked, updated or replaced. Moreover, depending on your type of business – this could be for hundreds of products! In the event of changes or offers, products have to be changed manually. This simply takes up unnecessary time and is tedious for your employees. Switching to a digital solution makes pricing easier and saves labour costs.

Due to the central control of price changes, it is possible to change them at any time. You can plan offers online for a specific point in time or implement them immediately. The changes are conveniently prepared from the workplace. The adaptations are transmitted via an encrypted radio link.

Product and price updates

Central control and monitoring

Immediate or scheduled updates

Secure data transmission

Simple inventory control

Comprehensive fastening solutions

Energy-saving e-paper technology

Future-proof investment

Electronic shelf labels - technology for the future

To start the process of implementing digital price tags you’ll need to install our ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) software. Any of your price tags can be changed during this time. In addition to price changes, the design of price displays can also be changed.

The three colours: red, black and white are all available for free when deciding on the design of your signage. The display of the electronic label can be drag-and-drop if so desired by our customers. Use texts, barcodes, graphics, QR codes and other elements to create an appealing, relevant design. The prices for your products can be obtained directly from your inventory management system.

The energy-saving e-paper technology ensures high-resolution images of digital price tags. Good readability of content is guaranteed with any kind of subtle lighting. The barcodes can be scanned through the high-resolution displays and support inventory control.

In contrast to conventional signs, the ESL products also offer the possibility of interaction. With the help of NFC technology, customers can access further information about the product. Set up your prices in accordance with the Price Indication Ordinance (PangV). You can also use the many design options to create buying incentives for your customers.

New shopping experience for your customers

With electronic price labelling, you can offer your company a specialised shopping experience. Electronic labels enable interaction with customers. They also offer the option of providing additional information about your products so your customers can remain informed. The digital signs can be individually adapted to your corporate image.

The digital price labelling ensures a professional and modern impression on customers. It also offers many other customers service options. A customer's shopping list can be transferred to a smartphone. The ESL system guides you from one product to the next on the shopping list.

The position in the market can be precisely determined through WLAN and impulse radio ultra-broadband. Based on this technology, special offers in the area can be identified and pointed out. Your own staff are also specifically targeted by our system, to inform them when to equip or refill shelves. The fully automatic process as well as the central price labelling reduces sources of error and ensures constant price and product quality.

Integrated labels vs. battery labels

In addition to the labels, we offer at varying sizes, we also offer different production series These various series include both battery-operated and electricity-based signs. Both the battery labels (BL) and the integrated labels (IL) work with a ZigBee radio transmission. You can attach and use our BL series anywhere. They are available in different sizes so that the labels can be used on perforated wall hooks, as a stand or as a digital door sign. Thanks to e-paper technology, the batteries have a long runtime and are also monitored by the system.

Integrated labels are supplied with power via a special power rail. For this reason, they are made extremely slim and are pushed into the rail from the side. The electronic price tags are used to display prices on the shelf. The labels can be easily attached to all shelves using various shelf rails and matching back parts. In addition to the BL and IL labels, there are other product series in our range. Thanks to our large product range, you can also equip refrigerated shelves and fresh food counters with electronic price labelling. Our Z series is fantastic with its high data transfer speeds.

Discover our electronic labels for your company. Both digital price labelling and electronic room signage can be implemented with the modern displays. Modernize and simplify your work processes by using digital signs.

Digital price tags from troniTAG

Opt in for modern price labelling for your company. Benefit from uniform and uncomplicated control of prices. Design your price tags individually according to your wishes and your corporate design and image. Offer customers a higher quality and more efficient shopping experience.

As a full-service partner for the integration of digital price tags, we are always available to answer your questions.



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