Our price tags and stickers come in different shapes and colours to show noticeable discounts, deals and promotional actions - they reinforce positively your promotion at the POS. An insight in our product range you will get on the following pages. We are happy to print the price tags and stickers with a logo of your choice. Browse our range and order securely online or contact us with any questions and we will be more than happy to help you.

Our price tags from this category all have striking, bright colours with an easily legible, colour-contrasting print. Discover a great way to show customers the special offer on products you may have in store.

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Optimal Price Labeling With Price Tags

In the area of ​​sales promotion, the marking of prices and offers plays a decisive role. When shopping, customers are influenced by various factors. These are also reflected in purchasing behavior. It is precisely these factors that entrepreneurs use to influence the consumer behaviour of their customers.

Discounts are, among other things, an important criterion when buying. Our purchase decisions are mostly impulsive in nature. You are influenced by emotions, especially with discount items. When buying what are known as bargains, our brain releases dopamine and the reward center is active.

In this way, discounts and promotions are able to influence the behavior of buyers. For this, an optimal promotion of these promotions is important. But what is the best way to make customers aware of bargains?

In the case of offers, it is essential to indicate the low price. Discount signs or signal colours are ideal for grabbing the customer's attention. With the help of different labels, consumer behavior can be influenced. Effective and eye-catching price tags become an important part of sales promotion.

It is already clear to most customers that some purchasing decisions are not based on common sense. Despite this knowledge, our brain is subject to discounts, advertising and manipulation. Reason enough for companies to pay great attention to pricing.

Price Tags For SALE and Discount Campaigns

Most people like to go “shopping”. It is not always about the purchase itself, but also about the experience and the feeling of having purchased a product cheaply. For this reason, retailers regularly organize special discount campaigns. The campaigns are supported by price tags in striking colours and shapes.

While price rails define the price labeling on the shelf, price tags stand for price labeling on the product. The signs are characterized by their flexibility in attachment and design. Due to these properties, the price displays are suitable for effective price labeling directly on the product.

Price tags can be attached in different ways. In addition to slide-in signs, pin boards or plug-in spikes, star signs can also be ordered. The articles are available in different colours and shapes. In addition to the colour, shape or size can also pique the customer's interest.
Slide-in labels are recommended because the price labels can be quickly adjusted. Whole prices or just individual digits can be changed quickly within a very short time. The slide-in labels are suitable for price displays and for insertion in poster frames. The corresponding price can be advertised directly in front of the product in the frame.

This type of price labeling is particularly suitable for poster rails. Customers can see the poster frame from afar. The depositor makes it clear which product it is. Slide-in labels or price displays make the associated price or an offer directly recognizable. In this way, interest is aroused from afar.
pricing display
Price displays that also allow quick changes are chalkboards. The boards can be written on quickly and freely with chalk markers and Illumigraphs. These price tags are particularly suitable for natural products. Due to the longevity and adaptability of the boards, they are sustainable in use.

Just like the chalkboard plugs, plug-in skewers are also attached by plugging. The price tags can be inserted into food, earth or other soft materials without any problems. This type of price labeling is highly recommended for the floristry and horticulture sector.

Pricing Signal Effect

What is decisive for offers is their labeling. Not only for the common price labeling, but also when promoting offers, price tags are indispensable. With the small, colourful tools, you are able to influence the buying behaviour of customers.

Attracting the attention of potential buyers is inevitable. Due to the striking colours and shapes as well as an attractive placement, great results can be achieved in the area of ​​sales promotion.

Finally, the price tags can be printed. By printing, the price tag can be customized with your design or a specific logo. There are hardly any limits when it comes to printing. We are happy to assist you with the planning and implementation of the print. Present your prices and your company in a high-quality and effective way.

Discover the price tag of your choice in our online range now. With the various products, the attractive promotion of offers and discounts can be implemented. By marking the special prices, you support impulse purchases. Make the most of your sales promotion potential now.
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