A simple way to hang a poster from your ceiling or window is to use one of our Poster Snap or Poster Grip profiles. We have aluminium snap shut poster snap profiles alongside a range of budget plastic rails. View our range and order securely online or contact us for advice.

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Put posters in the spotlight

Do you want to attach a placard or poster to the wall using poster clamp strips? These offer a perfect mounting system for your posters in a very simple way. They also ensure the perfect look. Two bars are installed on the poster for attachment, which hold the poster above and below. The poster or placard can be attached to it with the movable hanging loops. In this way, the respective poster is brought into shape easily and efficiently. You have the choice between a wide variety of materials. Should it be a clamp strip made of silver anodized aluminum? Or would you like a metal clamping rail? Find out here about all possible variants of the terminal strips for posters in our online shop.

One rail for several formats

In the range you will find different articles that are suitable for the presentation of advertising material in the form of DIN sizes. Both single and multiple copies of the notices in the common formats, such as DIN A4, DIN A3 or DIN A0, find their place in the bars. But the best thing about the poster clamp bars and rails is that you are not tied to any particular format. Especially with longer rails, different formats can be hung up next to each other. Regardless of the format of the notice or the information material, you will not only find your place in the poster rail, but will also be presented in a first-class way.
In the following, we would like to introduce you to some of the products in the poster strips and rails category

The terminal strip "Poster-Snap II" can be attached in the shop window, as a suspension from the ceiling or on the wall. It is an aluminum product that is supplied as a set. The set consists of two aluminum rails, two plastic suspensions and black end caps. Moss rubber inserts in the rails ensure that notices in the various formats are protected from slipping. The lower rail guarantees a wrinkle-free display.

Have you seen our “Poster-Catch” note and receipt holders? These clamping strips made of a silver anodized aluminum profile are not only ideal as a poster clamping device. These terminal strips are also a practical alternative as a note holder, for memos and notes, perfect for use in the hospitality sector for environments such as restaurant kitchens.

Or you can opt for the “G 176” poster rail. They are available in the transparent and white. The notices can simply be pushed into the rail. The article is available in a meter measure. It works well for putting posters in by equipping with fleece adhesive, the profile can be glued easily and stably to different surfaces.                                                                                                                                                                                          

The perfect frame for every poster

Give your posters the right frame - with our various poster clamps. Whether made of plastic or aluminum, whether transparent or silver anodized. With poster terminal strips, you can easily and attractively attach information. The poster rails can be flexibly mounted anywhere. This can be the wall in your own company or the shop, trade fairs, events or even the shop window. Rely on poster clamp strips and their easy and quick handling. Unfold, insert poster, close, done! That's how easy it is.

In addition to easy handling, there is another aspect that speaks in favour of using terminal strips. With the locking system used, posters can be removed undamaged at any time and therefore reused very often.

Made to measure

Since VKF Renzel is the manufacturer of the items shown above, we can guarantee their quality. With many years of experience at the POS, we look forward to supporting you with our products in the area of ​​sales promotion. As a manufacturer, we can also offer exclusive productions. We are happy to manufacture a product that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs. Choose the system that best suits your needs. Order online now.
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