Below is our range of price label holders, clips and ticket holders. Use ticket rail for holding price labels and use our range of marker pens for creating attractive displays on a chalkboard pavement advertising board. We have probably the widest range in the UK POS market of data strips and price ticket label holders, with self adhesive backing for metal shelves or to clip on to wooden shelves, glass shelving or wire basket shelves. Temporary display stands (FSDUs) made from cardboard or foam board will also be enhanced by the use of self adhesive data strips and price label holder profiles. 

Browse our range and order online, or contact our UK sales team and we will be more than happy to help find the best pricing display solution for you.
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Pricing Displays from VKF Renzel UK

How can I best display my prices on my shelves?

When it comes to displaying prices on shelving systems, the easiest and most common to do so are shelf edge strips. These strips come in variations suitable for many shelf types; from wooden and metal to glass and wire shelves, we also stock self-adhesive shelf edge strips too. These shelf edge strips are cut to your exact length required and it is incredibly simple to insert and remove prices from the strips with the use of either individual tickets for prices or Shelf Edge Insert Strips.

Do you stock any pricing displays suitable for fresh produce?

For those looking to display individual prices for products such as fresh produce, may it be baked goods, meat or deli items, Price Card Holders are a great alternative – they’re a popular choice in deli counters, cafés and other similar environments. Either place these card holders in front of each item with the small freestanding price card holders, or clip onto a surface with our other variations available. It’s simple to insert and remove price cards, simply by opening and closing the clip.

What other options do I have for pricing displays?

Your options aren’t just limited to shelf edge strips and price card holders, we also offer a plethora of other options for price displays. Both Poster Rails and Poster Clamp Profiles are a great choice if you wish to display prices (or posters) from above, whether off the side of a shelf, or hung from the ceiling or window. Freestanding Information Stands are also a possibility, and allow you to showcase more than just prices. Alternatively, within our range, we also supply many differing versions of Price Clips from the freestanding holder, which allow you to attach your price card holders to shelves, baskets and to windows with the use of suction cups.

How easy is it for me to change my prices?

All solutions for displaying your prices offer an easy way to change them. For example, simply pull the front strip of the profile forward on a shelf edge strip and price tickets are easily inserted and removed. In relation to price clips, simply open and close the clip to replace price cards. Alternative tools on offer also provide easy methods for both inserting and removing prices.

Can I have custom sized shelf edge strips made?

Yes, all of our shelf edge strips are cut to the exact size that you need, in a variety of heights. For other custom items, please contact us directly to discuss your needs further.

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