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Office Equipment & Organisational Tools 

Office Organisational Tools & Equipment

An office environment may not be the first place that people think of when it comes to implementing point of sale displays, however don't underestimate the importance of doing so. Offices are at the heart of every business. They're a space for meeting, creating and planning. With office areas often accomodating multiple different teams and business purposes, they can easily become a busy and unorganised environment. This disordedness creates an unmotivated and less productive workforce, highlighting the importance of an organised and tidy space. 

To tackle this issue, VKF Renzel offer a variety of products to help ensure that your office space is a welcoming and useful place for everyone. The products we offer can be used in offices to inform staff and visitors of any relevant information, to organise supplies/ desk areas and to provide hygiene and safety protection between colleagues during COVID-19. 

Solutions for the Hygiene Protection of Colleagues Within Office Areas

Nowadays, it is important that businesses have suitable hygiene protection measures in place to ensure the safety of both their workers and visitors. Within an office envrionment, this can often be difficult with desks and meeting areas being spaced so closely together. Here at VKF, we have created a selection of screens and partition walls that can be used as spit guards between colleagues, hand sanitiser stations and floor markings for your business, in an attempt to stop the spread of germs. Introducing protective measures into your work place would allow you to regain a sense of normality by returning back to the office to improve employee productivity and motivation.

Top Sellers for Offices

Below is our top 4 best selling categories for business offices:

Benefits to Using Office Equipment

  • Organisation - Products such as lockers, shredders and waste disposal contribute towards a tidy workspace. An organised environment allows for a more motivated and productive mindset from workers, improving businesses overall success. Having an ordered work area will also prevent important pieces of information or files from being lost or misplaced. 
  • Information -  Sign holders for table-top displays and poster frames are perfect for displaying important information around the office. It is also neccessary for places of work to display the relevant healthy and safety information for the employees with the use of safety signs, while notice boards can be used to highlight day-to-day tasks and meetings for business's.
  • Hygiene Protection - Currently our range of hygiene and safety products are extremely important and benefical for allowing offices to get back to business. Protective screens, floor markings and hand sanitiser stations help protect staff from illness whilst at work.

Office Must Haves

In order for offices to be able to operate effectively their is a selection of supplies that each business must have.

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