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With poster rails, notices can be easily attached to the wall, ceiling, shelf or whatever location you're wishing to display your posters quickly and easily. The rails are ideal for hanging information, pricing or advertising content, displaying these directly to customers and/or staff. Take a look at our full range of poster rails and the appropriate accessories for your particular area of application below.

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Poster Rails: Find the Right Profile for You

A poster rail offers the opportunity to present your poster effectively to customers and in an appealing way. They can be easily suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall... and these are just a couple of the options that we offer! Posters are presented in a clear and wrinkle-free way, particularly with the combination of a poster profile both below and above the poster, allowing the insert to be perfectly stretched.

The poster rails are more suited towards classic DIN formats; there is space for the posters in the rail in both portrait and landscape formats. For example, use a rail with a clamping length of 300mm for posters in A3 portrait format or A4 landscape format. A pinch length of 600mm is therefore suitable for A1 portrait format or A2 landscape format.

In addition to the many DIN formats, the rails can also be used for posters or pictures in other formats. The terminal strips are available in different lengths that can be adapted to the width of the poster - we offer a wide selection of poster rails in various formats and lengths.

The posters can then be clamped into the rails. As a result, the attachment is quick, simple and easy to carry out. When a change of posters is necessary, it can be implemented immediately. Adjust your advertising at any time to react to stock levels, delivery times or special occasions. 

The selection is not only extensive in terms of dimensions, but in addition to the formats, various materials are also available in our range. Opt for a transparent profile made of plastic or a poster rail made of silver anodised aluminium. Alternatively, rails made from sustainable raw materials such as wood are available.

Poster Rails in DIN Format

  • Length 210mm - A4 portrait / A5 landscape
  • Length 297mm - A3 portrait / A4 landscape
  • Length 420mm - A2 portrait / A3 landscape
  • Length 600mm - A1 portrait / A2 landscape
  • Length 841mm - A0 portrait / A1 landscape
  • Length 1200mm - A0 landscape
Special lengths up to 3000mm are possible.
poster rail display
poster rail dimensions

Advertise Clearly with Poster Rails

We offer poster rails in various materials; from transparent plastic profiles to high-quality aluminium to rubust metal, the models we offer all have a gentle clamping technique that makes it easier to use the posters again.

The posters are held firmly in position with the help of magnets or clamping profiles. The posters are pushed into the upper and lower profile and clamped. Depending on the material, the integrated foam rubber in the terminal strips can guarantee the non-slip insertion of media.

The poster rails enclose your inserts without covering a lot of space; the respective poster is placed between the two poster profiles. The profile width is usually very small and therefore only covers a tiny portion of the surface. In the case of the transparent rails, even this portion of the surface is still visible.

The simple attachment, uncomplicated handling and the many possible areas of application make poster rails very popular. You can utilise them to point out information at the point of sale, at exhibition or entrance areas, to name a few. Alternatively, you can exhibit artwork or present advertising in an appealing way.

Due to the subtle look of the rails, your posters are perfectly frames with little obtrusion - they are shown clearly visible at the place of use. The subtle profiles help to address customers, employees or visitors in a sustainable manner.

Poster Rails for Hanging from the Wall or Ceiling

The poster rails on offer here are suitable for various purposes. Present prices, offers or promotions within close proximity to the product in question, or use poster rails to display advertising, information or posters in an appealing and wrinkle-free manner. They're also incredibly useful tools to utilise within an exhibition setting too.

The poster rails can be attached flexibly in the room by using hooks, suspensions or ropes. The individual rails have eyelets and/or hooks or can be equipped with these throug accessories. With the help of the knotted chains, ropes or ceiling hooks, the rails are quickly ready for use.

In combination with the right attachment, the high-quality, stable and discreet ceiling suspension is easily possible. You can also choose to mount it on the wall. A suspension also offers the advantage that you can choose a specific height for the presentation of your posters.

Display your posters, signage or pictures at the perfect viewing height for your needs and use the space-saving wall mounting or suspension from the ceiling to design the location in the best way possible. The appealing presentation will also help to draw further attention directly towards your posters.

Quickly & Easily Attached to the Wall: Poster Rails

Regardless of the size of the rail, the poster rails are easy and uncomplicated to attach and use. Both small and large-scale advertising can also be carried out with the various rail options. Clip the poster in the profile and relax knowing that you can easily present your posters in a high-quality way to your target audience.

We offer a wide range of poster rails for a variety of different needs and locations. The individual profiles all have a stable and secure hold of the inserts at all times at the respective place of use. Opt from either a transparent poster rail, a poster rail made of aluminium or ever a gallery rail manufactured from wood.

You can also equip your warehouse with clearly visible poster rails too, to ensure a smoother running of your business. Present posters, information signs or photos with a simple poster rails... the options are endless. Whilst we've touched upon various areas of application for these poster rails, there are still many other locations in which they're suitable for use; whether for sales promotion, price labeling, poster presentations or something completely different, there's no limit as to what can be displayed with our extensive range of poster rails.

If you have any additional queries, we would be more than happy to help assist you in choosing the right rail for your company and your specific needs. As these are also manufactured within our European head offices, we can also potentially offer printing or specific designs for many of our rails. Contact us now & we'll help you find the perfect solution today!
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