Technical Profiles & Shelf Management

The VKF Renzel Group offers you a complete program for pricing both off the shelf and for secondary item placements. Choose an individual profile from over 250 different types of scanner rails.
Custom made from other materials or with an advertising slogan to your enhance your point of service on an individual basis.

Divider Systems & Pushers

The "Perfekta" divider system "provides retailers, manufacturers and customers alike with a fixed placement of the product range at the point of sale. In addition to this, the sale of goods increases substantially.
You will receive a perfect product presentation with our "Push" Perfekta pusher range. In conjunction with the Perfekta dividers, your items are always in the right place, are easily palpable, and are assigned to the relevant price. The daily shelf maintenance is reduced by a multiple.


Our numerous items within our foil range can assist with the presentation of our products.
As part of our own film item manufacturing process, our main factory in Isselburg is able to carry out any specific requests. In addition to this, we also provide finishes for products produced by our extensive capabilities in the fields of printing, packing and packaging.


The sales promotion Renzel offers the full range of essential promotional tools for the individual product presentation at the POS.
In addition, we also provide the finishing of all products through our extensive capabilities in the field of printing, assembling and packing.
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