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Point of Sale Displays for Butchers

Your essential guide to all the necessary POS displays for butchers

In butchers, there are multiple product displays for different types of meat. In addition, there are usually a multitude of products on sale at one time, usually in a relatively confined place too.

Price Displays

Promotions on offer may also change on a daily basis. Therefore, prices on products in a butchers need to be clearly visible and offers must be communicated quickly and easily.

With prices and product information constantly changing it is important to use suitable price displays. Chalkboard Price Displays are a great way to create interchangeable prices whereby displays can change with the use of a damp cloth. Below are our top recommendations for the use of price displays on your meat counters. From price holders with spears to sign clip memos, make sure your customers are aware of the great prices you are offering!

Outdoor Advertising

Whether your butchers is situated on a busy highstreet or in a quieter area, outdoor advertising is a great way to increase footfall into your store and help encourage new customers to purchase your products. The aim of your outdoor POS displays is to catch your customers attention with your striking communication ofers. Outdoor advertising is the perfect way to do this.
Place A-Boards on pavements outside the doors of your store to attract maximum attention of passers-by. A board pavement signs provide additional level of eye-catching attention. We have a wide range of a-boards on offers from pavements signs with effortless change of posters with snap frame technology or use your creativity to create unique designs on chalkboard a-boards.

Product Display

Product position and display is important to create an aesthetically pleasing display of products and can help increase your sales. Whether you butchers only sells meat or other products it is good to have a range of displays to highlight diferent product elements. Use Plinth Sets to create height variations on your meat counters. Or use counter top acrylic plinths to demonstarte best sellers partnered with promotional signage.

Leaflet Stands and Sign Holders

Counter top leaflet holders and signs are a great way to not only increase sales but to also create conversation around your business. Maybe you want to display an event that is happening in the local community or promote upcoming seasonal product offerings such as meat hampers for Christmas. Made from clear acrylic our display stands can be quickly and simply updated when required by sliding in new posters. If your products contain ingredients that may be of a risk to others it is important to use sign holders to display this.


Hygiene Safety

In order to keep your staff and customers safe, it is imperative that certain hygiene measures are put in place following government guidance. There are various products that can be used to protect not only your staff and customers, but also your products on offer. For that reason, we have put together a selection of hygiene protection products that we believe would be suitable for your butchers.
Product Protection

Product protection is a kind of spit protection or cover for you to place over or in front of your products. Thanks to the transparent material, the products are still presented in an attractive way while they remain protected from external influences and are kept fresh.
  • Sneeze Guards with a front protection cover with an open back view to allow easy access to retrieve the desired product.
  • Food Covers offer a complete casing around your products to keep out harmful substances.
Staff and Customer Protection
With the current circumstances and to ensure good hygiene is carried out, we have many hygienic POS products to keep your staff and customers protected. Welcoming many people into your business can increase the risk of germs and viruses being bought in, so utilise these to reduce the risk of speading them from person to person. 
  • Sneeze Guards create a protective spit screen in areas of confrontation, such as the meat counter.
  • Face Visors provide personal protection.
  • Floor Stickers are a constant reminder for your customers to create a safe social distance, as well as provide a one-way system.
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