Off Licence Industry Guide

Point of Sale Displays for Off-Licences

You essential guide for the necessary POS displays for off-licences

The following text will provide you with industry expertise on how to make the most of point of sale displays in your off-licence. Many POS techniques can be adapted to help increase sales in your store. If you have any questions regarding any of the products mentioned in the below text, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Shelf Management

Shelving creates convenience for your customers whilst also ensuring you have a tidy and organised store. At VKF Renzel, we have everything you need to ensure that your shelves and stock in your off-licence store look professionally organised, resulting in customers easily finding and picking up the products they need.

Shelf Edge Strips
Are you offering great bargains on your alcoholic products? Offering some snacks to be paired with your drink selection? Make sure that you display price labels and product information across the front of your shelving with the corresponding product above the label. This will enable an easier shopping experience for your customers, whilst also making it easier for your staff to replenish your stock on the shelves. We have probably the widest range in the UK POS trade of shelving strips and shelf edge label holders, with self adhesive backing for metal shelves to clip on strips for wooden shelves, glass shelving or wire basket shelves.

Shelf Dividers
Optimise your shelf presentation by using shelf dividers. Make sure that your stock doesnt get mixed up by keeping products aligned. Our collection of dividers are an easy solution for a perfect managed shelf system. Our Shelf Divider "MP" Range has a height of 200mm; this will increase the stability of items, such as bottles of wine on your shelving.


Stock Pushers
These are often used on shelving to reduce time spent facing up products on the shelves. Available in various lengths and pusher strengths, these stock pushers are capable of moving a lightweight packet to a can of pop. Each stock pusher is manufactured to your exact requirements. With the use of these product pushers, you can not only boost your organisation and tidiness, but at the same time they’ll ensure that your shelves always look full and will reduce the workload for employees too, as stock does not consistently need to be brought forward.

Shelf Edge Promotional Sign Holders
Add some excitement to your shelf edges by including promotional sign holders. Shelf barkers are an excellent way to display exclusive brands on offer and making them stand out from your other products. We also recommend the use of Shelf Wobblers. Take advantage of the round shelf wobbler and alert your customers to products on your shelf; simply insert the product into the scanner profile. Let us know your individual printing needs and create an effective tool for your next sales campaign.

Product Displays

Within your off-licence store, you want to make sure that your products are displayed as best as they can to increase sales. Making your stock look presentable and increase customers chance of purchasing. 

Do you have bottles of wine, or spirits on a limited time offer, or a new brand that you have introduced into your off-licence store? Then make sure that this is displayed clearly for everyone to see. We recommend using our Wall Mounted Bottle Holder for highlighting specific items. Place your bottle in a prime position to get all the attention and help boost sales.

Do you offer a wider product range in your store? If you do, then we suggest using Slatwalls. There are many accessories that can be paired with the slatwall to make the most suitable display for your store. We propose that if you are offering a range of snacks, such as crisps or bags of sweets, to use the Slatwall Single Hook with Swinging Pocket. They offer maximum flexibility as they can be hooked in any position. The hook is rounded at the front and also slightly bent upwards to prevent the goods from falling down.

Price Displays

We have a wide range in the UK POS market of data strips and price ticket label holders; with self adhesive backing for metal shelves or strips to clip on to wooden shelves, glass shelving or wire basket shelves. Make your pricing displays stand out by inserting Coloured Shelf Edge Strips. Similarly, use Star-Shaped Signs to hand write prices on. We recommend using these if you have special prices on your products; simply slot into your shelf edges. Place our Price Clamp "Sign Clip" with Adhesive Pad on to your shelf edges to create attractive, eye-catching price displays.

Clip Strips

Merchandising strips, also known as Clip Strips, are an ideal solution for increasing impulse purchases throughout your off-licence store, or perfect by a till for displaying a variety of small items clearly in the field of vision for the customer. With these merchandising strips, you can display smaller products almost anywhere in your store. Maximise your sales with these clip strips by placing them in a variety of places around your store, whether at the end or in the middle of an aisle. We highly reccomend having clip strips in the queuing area near your till - this way whilst customers are waiting to be served, they might be more inclined to purchase an extra product.

Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets are a key POS product that should not be overlooked. They are one of our most popular products, which means they definitely do the job, especially at our affordable prices! Our large range of baskets ensures there is one suitable for your off-licence

We offer the choice of colour and the choice of one or two handles. We even have different capacity sizes; it's also been proven that the bigger the shopping basket, the more inclined your customers will be to fill it with your products. 

For use in your off-licence, we reccomend opting for Roller Baskets. Roller baskets provide comfort and ease as customers do not need to physically carry their goods. Roller Basket “Big” is great for heavier goods, such as wine bottles and cases of beer. Roller baskets will hopefully also reduce chances of your customers dropping your stock when carrying it around the store.

Hygiene & Safety

Currently, many shops have stricter rules on hygiene, access control and queue avoidance. For this purpose, we have put together solutions for you, suitable for your off-licence store. It is important to not only keep your customers safe, but also your employees too. Take a further look at some of our recommended products below to help keep your store efficiently operating during these challenging times.
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