Sales Promotion & Shop Fittings for Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are typically open all or most hours. They are home to kiosks which offer additional products at a convenience to the customer. Point of sale techniques at petrol stations can be very beneficial to your company, from advertising at the petrol pumps to indoor advertising inside the kiosk. At VKF Renzel, we are proud to offer a range of products to suit your needs.

Outdoor Advertising at Your Petrol Station

Although your pumps are undercover, outdoor advertising displays still need to be able to withstand all weather conditions.


All pavement signs are made with a sturdy back-wall and 2 non-glare, UV stabilised front covers and waterproof sealant. The base can be filled with either water or sand and is movable on 2 wheels when tilted. The strong springs allow for the highest grade of stability even in “stormy” weather conditions. Posters can be exchanged quickly by opening the aluminium click frame profiles, allowing you to display up to date advertisements, such as any meal deal offers inside your kiosk, or petrol discounts.

Dump Bins

In the UK, it is not unusual to find essentials outside the kiosk such as coal, wood and washer fluid. If you offer these products to your customers, you may to want to consider using Dump Bins. Dump bins are a great way to keep your products looking tidy and keep them all in one place. Dump bins also avoid any of your products falling out in the way of vehicles upon entering and exiting the petrol station. Don’t forget, it is also important to clearly display what products you are offering, therefore, be sure to check out our range of Poster Stands Suitable for Attachment onto Your Dump Bins.


Whilst your customers are stood waiting for their petrol tanks to fill, their eyes wander. Why not embrace this opportunity to place posters around your station. Our “Clear Line” Poster Frame is water-repellent, transparent and can fit A4 poster inserts. The lid of the two-part frame prevents water from entering. This poster frame can be equipped with a variety of Accessories, such as poster frame feet or a stand.

If you have empty walls or pillars near to your petrol pumps, embrace these spaces by advertising posters. Our Waterproof Snap Frames are perfect for these locations, as they enable the quick and easy exchange of poster inserts, ensuring that you are always displaying up to date communications. They're also available in multiple posters insert sizes.

Place Posters on the Windows of your kiosk to display important messages. For example, display kiosk opening times so that your customers can clearly see these as they enter the kiosk. In the current situation, window posters are also a great way to ensure that your customers are aware of the current safety precautions that are taking place in your store, such as wearing a face covering or the maximum capacity of customers in the store at once.

Product Displays & Shelf Management for Inside the Kiosk

Take a further look at our extensive range of products for your petrol station kiosk. With VKF Renzel's expansive collection of stock pushers and shelf dividers, you can professionally present products inside your store to the convenience of your customers. Discover our range of shelving products that create a great way of making sure your store is tidy and organised. Here at VKF Renzel, we offer many products that can help your shelf displays stay organised and tidy, making it easier for customers to pick up the products they need.

Solutions for the Hygiene Protection of Personnel and Customers in Petrol Stations

In the current situation, many shops have stricter rules on hygiene, access control and queue avoidance. For this purpose, we have put together solutions for you, suitable for your petrol station. It is important to not only keep your customers safe but also your employees too.

Individual POS Displays for Petrol Stations

As a manufacturer of many sales promotion products, we are your reliable partner for individual POS displays.

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