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Guide for creating the perfect leaflet

A How-To Guide On Creating The Perfect Leaflet

In the modern world, there is no-shortage of options available to you when it comes to advertising. Depending on the type of business that you are running, you can choose an avenue to go down. For those of you that are blessed with a large-scale budget, the chances are that you will want to take advantage of technological means. If you are slightly less-gifted in this department, the VKF Renzel team would recommend that you start to take a closer look at leaflets. Should this sound interesting to you, you might want to look at our thoughts on how to create a top-tier leaflet.

Remain Professional

There are some companies that feel that using leaflets makes them look cheap and tacky - this could not be further from the truth. However, if you want to make sure that you avoid this type of situation, you need to remain professional throughout the design process. The only way that you can cheapen yourself with leaflets, is if you allow them to become tacky. Invest the necessary time and effort, and you can produce a stunning marketing tool that can help to increase footfall and revenue.

Use Graphics

It does not matter if you are trying to advertise a brand-new service that you are offering, or are preparing for the launch of a flagship product - in small quantities, images can be used to great-effect. These can allow your audience to gain more of an insight as to what they can expect if they decide to work with you. If you were to leave pictures out, we guarantee that you will find it notoriously difficult to connect with your clients in an effective manner. If you are offering leaflets to passerby they are usually in a rush and many do not have time to read the text, therefore, images are an effective way to convey your message quickly.

Don’t Overload

If you were to take a moment to do your research, you would find that the vast-majority of high-end leaflets try to keep things relatively vague. There is a very good reason for this - namely, it encourages prospective customers to get in touch if they would like to learn more about your company. This. in turn, can drastically improve your chances of making sales, and therefore allow you to become more-successful as a business. By overloading your leaflet, you are subsequently damaging your prospects of receiving orders.

Leave Them Wanting More

There is an art to producing first-class leaflets, and in truth there is no one method that can be adopted to achieve success. That being said, a sure-fire way in which to make this investment worthwhile is to provide them with various methods in which to get in touch with you. If you were to omit sufficient contact information, you are immediately going to be fighting a losing battle. If you would like to make the most of your leaflets, both now and in the future, this is a piece of advice that you should take to heart.

A Quick Introduction

The fact that leaflet stands can be deployed in a wide-array of locations is certainly a major reason as to why you should consider going down this particular route. However, before you get ahead of yourself in relation to the design stages, it is important that you consider the practical elements. Namely, this involves purchasing either leaflet dispensers and brochure holders. Here at VKF Renzel, we take great pride in supplying equipment that is ideal for trade shows and corporate exhibitions. Whether you need a wall-mounted unit, or a display stand that can act as a prominent landmark, we have you covered. To start your journey with us, and take the first step towards acquiring your leaflet and brochure materials, please write to us directly at
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