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Why Menu Holders Are Popular in The Dining Sector

Is your business in the food and drinks industry or the hospitality industry? You will no doubt be aware of the cutthroat nature of this sector. Everywhere you look, there will be competitors that will be trying to attract the same audience as you. For you to be able to come out on-top, you must mark yourself out as different and make the most of point of sale advertising techniques to help increase your awareness to potential customers.

Whilst this can be done through a variety of different means, the VKF Renzel team feel that your best-bet would be to put your faith in menu sleeves. Why not take a look at our reasoning for this below and see what you think?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Arguably one of the best things, in relation to menu sleeves and menu holders is how they look and portray your menus, as well as the fact that they allow for total-and-utter control over customisation. Although they will be blank when you initially purchase them, you are free to decorate them as you see fit. Depending on the type of business that you are trying to run, you will likely either opt for a professional aesthetic, or something that is bright and colourful. In either instance, these eye-catching designs will immediately impress your customers. At VKF Renzel, we offer a large range of different types of menu holders and sleeves to ensure that you find the most suitable menu holder for your restaurant, all at an affordable price.

Improved Hygiene

As we are sure you will already know hygiene is still of upmost importance to the hospitality and dining industry to ensure that they can remain open. This means that as a business owner, you must strive to try and limit the impact of particles that contain the coronavirus that may be transmitted onto your menu holders. In this department, your best course of action would be to take advantage of menu sleeves. Smoothly-and-seamlessly, you can wipe these down after each-and-every sitting, ensuring that your customers remain safe and free of infection whilst they are sat dining. When you advertise the measures that you are taking, this is one that you should particularly draw attention to.

Cost-Effective Investment

If you were to take a moment to look at the prices at which you can purchase menu sleeves, it would quickly become apparent that this is a fantastic investment opportunity. Not only are they priced economically, but they are significantly cheaper than forcing yourself to repeatedly print menus on a daily basis. If you are trying to adapt your business, so that it conforms to sustainable practices, we cannot stress enough that this is not a purchase that you should overlook without a second glance. Explore our large range of menu holders today with a large variety of designs and prices to suit your needs.

Our Best-Sellers

For those of you that are starting to understand why your company would be well-suited to using menu sleeves and menu holders, allow us a moment to offer a quick insight into the large range of point of sale products within the VKF Renzel catalogue that fit this description.

In some situations, you might want to be able to call upon Writable Boards - these act as miniature blackboards, and are fantastic for displaying that day’s specials. Writable boards are also an effective way to display your restaurant specials and offers which may not be present on the menus.

Alternatively, you can stick to the classics and opt for a Single-Sided Acrylic Sign Holder. This can remain in place for as long as you see fit, and can be found in a number of different sizes. Multi-Sided Menu Holders and Table Talkers are also a great way to increase your advertisement of upcoming events and offers which you may be offering at your premises. Simply place in the centre of your dining tables or on the bar area to increase exposure to being read by your customers.

VKF Renzel - Who Are We?

In the past, menu card holders were certainly viewed to be something of an optional extra; whilst you could certainly find them in various restaurants and cafes, they were more for decoration than anything else. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, they have taken on new-found importance. For those of you that are on the lookout for a wide-range of menu-related products, you have come to the right place.

In VKF Renzel, you have a retailer that will listen to your needs, and subsequently work tirelessly to leave you with a sense of satisfaction. Acrylic menu holders, table top options - the possibilities are never-ending. To gain a better understanding of our range of table-based units, we recommend dropping us a message at
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