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Hand Sanitiser

Are Hand Sanitisers Still Necessary in Retail Establishments?

Across the country, you can see that life is slowly but surely returning to a semblance of what it was like before the pandemic hit. Restaurants and other nightlife establishments are open, as are retail businesses. Whilst this is great for businesses to get back to normal, there are still certain considerations that companies should be keeping to ensure customers feel safe and secure. Here at VKF Renzel, we are still firmly of the belief that unless you are an online shop, you should have hand sanitiser bottles scattered throughout your establishment; even then, you should still have sanitiser readily available through your office and/or factory spaces. It is the new norm to regulate good hygiene within businesses. If you are unsure as to why this is the case, feel free to browse through our thoughts on the matter down below.

Reduced Transmission

Arguably the most prominent selling point in favour of having hand sanitisers at your disposal is that you can play your part in keeping transmission rates to a minimum. Unfortunately, there are certain individuals that do not realise that they are infected, and subsequently go about their daily business without knowing the risk that they pose. By encouraging all of your customers to make use of the sanitiser stations, you can help reduce the likelihood of germs spreading.

If all business can do this, the chance of more restrictions worsening, or evven another lockdown will be far less likely to happen. Thus, this enables businesses to continue operating and benefits everyone. It also keeps hygiene levels high, a new common practice within any industry. It is important to provide staff, workers and customers with a place to sanitise.

Improved Shopping Experience

It might not have been something that immediately popped into your head, but you cannot disregard the impact that hand sanitiser can have on the overall experience of your consumers. If you implement hand sanitisation in your business you are being proactive as a business and attempting to produce a safer environment. This immediately puts you in a league of your own, especially when you are compared to your direct competitors.

When casual onlookers see that you are taking additional steps to combat the spread of infections, they will immediately come to the conclusion that you are a company that is worth doing business with. In the grand scheme of things, this could be a shrewd piece of marketing. All customers can get behind a company with good hygiene, as it reinforces a company’s reputation as a professional organisation. This should help you justify your decision to purchase a handful of sanitiser dispensers, especially if you competitors are not utilising hand sanitisers.

Other Safety Options

Although there is much to be said about hand sanitiser dispensers, it is important that you recognise that these are not the only pieces of safety equipment that can be implemented to great effect. Therefore, we would recommend looking through our Hygiene & Safety range at all of the hygiene products we have on offer. Implementing these into your business will ensure your business is more hygienic, which therefore, makes your business more welcoming and suitable for consumers, especially when considering the current climate.

For example, Foldable Face Shields are a fantastic option for those of you with large staff rosters - this is particularly relevant if you are a public facing organisation. In the retail sector, you need to ensure that your business is actively trying to protect both your staff and your customers. With these in your possession, you are heading in the right direction to ensuring your business is safe and hygienic.

In today's blog, we have had a look into the use of hand sanitisers. As a business owner, can you assess what hygiene protocols you need to be adhering to in your business? Do you have the tools and equipment to ensure this can be done?

What Happens Next?

We hope that after mulling it over, you see why it would be a good idea to start browsing through hand sanitiser holders in the UK. These can provide your customers with some much needed confidence; the same can be said for your staff members. There is very little in the way of negative side effects, especially when you consider that these holders can be reused time and time again.

If you are committed to making this type of purchase, now is the ideal time to contact us here at VKF Renzel. The Hand Sanitiser Gel Holders that we possess are first-class in terms of quality. Whatsmore, they are cost-effective, meaning that you can stock up with relative ease.

Contact our sales team if you have any questions, or alternatively send an email to for a quick response to your enquiry.
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