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5 Advantages of Using Brochures

So that your business can continue to grow and develop, it’s key that you market correctly and effectively. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in digital marketing practices, which while effective when done correctly, it’s led to one of the most powerful techniques becoming greatly under-appreciated - brochures.
As a result, the team here at VKF Renzel have rounded up the 5 main advantages of using brochures, as well as a few of the most efficient ways to distribute them to reach your target audience.

1. Easy to Distribute

One of the primary reasons why brochures are so popular for businesses is due to the ease of distributing them. You can target a broader audience with a single marketing technique, as well as also having the opportunity to be more direct to a smaller niche, if preferred.

2. Cost-Effective

Compared to many other marketing options, brochures can be very cost-effective. Most brochure suppliers will often print and sell the brochures to you in bulk for a very good price; even then, a significant number of businesses will now create and print the brochures themselves, which can be even cheaper.

3. Includes a Wealth of Information

Whilst brochures are usually small and compact, they can withhold a significant amount of useful information. Almost all areas of the brochure can be utilised, whether with the use of text or images, making the brochure an extremely valuable tool to present a wealth of information in a single approach.

4. Visually Pleasing

Not only can you include an abundance of information, but you can design your leaflets in whatever way you’d like, making them eye-catching and visually pleasing for the consumer. Images are the obvious example of this, but certain colours, fonts and other aspects can be chosen to enhance the visual appeal of the brochure and make it stand out to customers.

5. Convenient

One of the remaining advantages of brochures is their convenience. As they are often quite compact, many can easily fit into handbags, mailboxes, display stands and even pockets! As well as being easy to display to passersby and for people to store at home, leaflets are clearly very effective for long term use and convenient for the customer to refer to.


It’s key to distribute

Directly Handing Out
The most traditional and easiest way to distribute brochures is through hand-outs, after all, this method is completely free. There are several different approaches that can be taken when handing out leaflets in this way, with one of the most notable methods being the distribution of brochures whilst walking through well populated areas, such as shopping centres, to target a large audience. Additionally, flyers can also be dispersed freely by posting them through people’s letterboxes.

Especially if your business has a particular speciality, exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to distribute your brochures directly to the public, and more importantly, a targeted audience who will be more inclined to purchase your product/service. There are two approaches to doing so, you could opt to stay towards the front of your stand and hand the leaflets directly to people, or alternatively use Brochure Holders or Display Stands to efficiently display the flyers to everyone. For instance, if you were to have your own stand within the event, you can simply install a folding brochure stand so that your brochures are free to take by the public as they walk past.

Outside Your Business
If you have a physical store, placing a brochure holder or stand outside of your business may end up convincing a passing customer to want to head into your shop and make a purchase. Whether this is directly outside of your store, further down the street or inside another store (although make sure you have the relevant permissions to do so for whichever options you choose), there is no harm in placing a stand down full of brochures that customers can take.

Can we help?

For those that have a keen interest in using brochures as part of their marketing ventures, then you’ll certainly benefit from help from one of the UK’s leading suppliers for acrylic and PVC point of sale products, VKF Renzel. Focusing on largely on Leaflet Display Products, we have world-class exhibition freestanding, countertop and wall mounted brochure stands, as well as a collection of other products that are bound to help your business excel.
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