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The Benefits of Seasonal Retail Displays

Throughout the year, there are lots of different events and holidays that cause retail stores to change their display stands. From Christmas and Easter to Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day, there is a lot to plan for when working in retail and we understand it can sometimes be overwhelming. There is no denying that as one promotional event finishes, another begins.

Some store owners may question whether they really need to have seasonal displays in their store and if it is something that they can bypass. However, there are so many reasons why seasonal displays really shouldn’t be overlooked. Here at VKF Renzel, we’ve put together a list of benefits to these displays for any store owners that are curious about their importance.

They Bring in New Customers

The high street is at its busiest during events and holidays and you can guarantee that having seasonal displays in-store will lead to more footfall. Customers will be out and about purposefully looking for season-specific items during these times and if your store doesn’t have any, then many will simply go elsewhere.

Having good seasonal displays, especially window displays, can bring in masses of new customers. If you’re clearly displaying the fact that you have the season-specific items that customers are looking for at that moment in time, they are more likely to visit your store.

They Keep You Store Up to Date

It goes without saying that there is so much choice on the high street these days and it is so important for your store to stay up to date. This is essential for both store image and stock. If your store doesn’t participate in seasonal displays then customers will think that you’re falling behind and won’t even consider your store when searching for something.

Simply ensuring that you participate in seasonal events and having some seasonal displays in-store will make it clear to customers that you keeping up to date with current trends and providing relevant stock. Ensuring that you stay up to date is essential to remaining in the customer’s eye.

They Help Increase Profit

Of course, profit is important in retail. You will have figures you need to meet and ultimately, your profit is what keeps your store up and running. Closing yourself off from seasonal events is a quick way to prevent your store from making as many sales as possible. As mentioned above, seasonal shoppers will only go to stores that they can spot are clearly selling seasonal products.

Making sure that you have clear seasonal displays throughout your store is a great way to increase your profit. You may want to have pop up displays for seasonal products or add them to your existing point of sale display stands; either way, it will drive more sales.

Preparing Your Store for Seasonal Events

All in all, seasonal displays are well worth your time and are undoubtedly great for business. The benefits mentioned above greatly outweigh the effort of any planning processes and it is recommended that all stores participate in seasonal events to some extent. Of course, you may want more seasonal displays for one event than another - this is completely normal and will depend on how much stock you get in for that specific event.

Whether your store is new and you need additional seasonal fixtures and fittings or you’re interested in doing more for some of these events, visit the VKF Renzel website. You will find all of your display essentials in one place on our easy to use website. From acrylic stands to sign fixings, we can supply you with everything that you need to prepare your store for any seasonal event. Feel free to contact us today at or on 01527 878311 and we can help find the perfect seasonal display solutions for you!
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