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Which Hygiene Products Should Your Business Make Use Of?

Over the past eighteen months, the world as a whole has changed completely. The way businesses and organisations operate has been drastically changed. Millions of people have spent the majority of their time confined to their homes - where possible, working away from the office has been advocated. However, this has not been a viable option for those individuals that work in specific sectors, such as retail or manufacturing, where employees can only fulfill their duties by being at there place of work. These individuals have had to continue to work within their respective environments, making use of the hygiene previsions provided by their employers.

With many employees returning to work, it is very important that they are made to feel comfortable and secure. Furthermore, it is important that both employees and consumers are aware of rules and facilities in regards to hygiene in their place of work. Many organisations will have stricter hygiene measures, which have been imposed by new legislations and changes in the law. Ultimately, these changes are to safe guard people from germs and the risk of infection – very important if you want to keep your workforce safe and at maximum capacity.

It is imperative that employers buy adequate hygiene and safety products for their employees. Courtesy of the VKF Renzel team, you can find the best of our hygiene and safety solutions listed below.

Floor Stickers

Floor Stickers may seem like an unappealing marketing tool, as they are on the floor and can be very easily overlooked. Despite this, they are highly useful and effective at directing customers to your exhibition stands at tradeshow/expo events. A floor sticker allows customers to easily identify where you are located. In addition to this, you can have specialised content on your floor stickers, such as promotional content or brand information. This could be the difference between a prospect visiting and not visiting your stand.

With the social distancing measures that have been implemented by the government, it is a business’ responsibility to ensure that these are adhered to, both by staff members and your customers. There are a number of alternative options should you wish to use these. Classic Marking Tape should be able to affordably enforce social distancing, however it will not have any promotional effects. Additionally, you can get ones which state ‘Keep Your Distance’, which serve to hammer the message home and ensure that employees and customers will adhere to social distancing measures.

Information Stands

Can you guess what these are great for? With large display spaces, these products are ideal for spreading your desired message. They can be used to transmit promotions and brand imagery very effectively. Despite the crowded nature of retail establishments, we are sure that you will be able to find room for helpful information stands. If you have your own rules regarding the need for a mask, you may wish to place one of these at the entrance - this will ensure that you do not have to worry about customers entering without appropriate facial protection.

Additionally, information boards can be used to inform people on hygiene regulations at your company. Employees and customers alike can take solace in knowing your business' hygiene protocol. There is also the option to invest in Poster Pockets, within which you can display custom messages about the need to comply with certain rules and regulations. In either instance, the results will more than justify the investment.

Air Purifiers

A very important way to prevent the spread of germs is through the use of air purifiers. To keep a workspace safe, it is advised to open windows and keep an airflow when inside, as this displaces the air within a room, ensuring that air is circulating. What this does is filter dust particles, bacteria and viruses from the environment.

Though their function is relatively self-explanatory, we still believe it necessary to elaborate as to why Air Purifiers are a must-have in hygienic friendly environments. As you may expect, the primary motivation behind purchasing this is to ensure that the air within your premises is routinely cleansed and recycled. The knock-on effect of this is that infectious particles do not linger for extended periods, thus limiting the chance of transmission occurring.

It is true that these types of products are significantly more expensive than the others that feature on this list, however, it is hard to put a price on safety for your employees. Furthermore, this is just one of many solutions – we have more affordable options on offer. 


Disinfectants have become a big norm in many sectors. Many people would be hard pressed to find a business without some sort of hand sanitiser solution. It is vitally important to ensuring employees and visitors can feel safe and remain as hygienic as possible. With the effects of the pandemic, hygiene is now at the forefront of many business’ minds.

Thorough cleaning routines and techniques have always been an important part of operating a successful business, but never more so than now. At the end of every working day, it is imperative that the business cleanse all of the surfaces within your property. This is essential to hospitality environments and any business dealing with food. The reason for this is that bacteria and germs can survive for prolonged periods, meaning that transmission can occur long after the infected individual has departed. In order to prevent it spreading any further, you may wish to obtain Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser or Disinfectant Spray.

Let us assist you with your hygiene solutions

Have you encountered difficulties purchasing hand sanitiser holders in bulk and need the help of a reputable company to resolve the issues? Would you like to invest in top of the range hygiene products which can be used to keep your customers and workforce safe? Here at VKF Renzel, we can accommodate for these needs. The extensive range of our catalogue is matched only by the affordable prices that we routinely offer. Combined, these allow us to stand apart from our various competitors. If you need any more information about the units mentioned above, we suggest directing your questions to our team via our websites contact information.

Alternatively, why not email our team at or give them a call on 01527 878311. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can.
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