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Why You Should Already Be Thinking About Valentine’s Day

After Christmas and the January sales come to an end, soon after the next big event in retail is Valentine’s Day. There is no rest in the world of retail - as soon as one big promotion is over, the next will begin. Many people are unaware of just how much preparation goes into in-store events and how far in advance this preparation should really start.

Even though Valentine’s Day may seem like centuries away for the general public, if you own a store, now is the time to start your planning. If you think you’ve got plenty of time then keep reading. The team at VKF Renzel have put together a list of reasons as to why you really should be thinking about Valentine’s Day now.

Promotional Ideas
The further in advance you have knowledge of your Valentine’s Day stock, the earlier you can start planning your promotions. You want to ensure that not only your staff aware of the great offers that you will have for this holiday, but that your customers are aware too.

For example, if you’re going to be giving a percentage off Valentine’s stock or will be giving a free item away with every purchase, then making this well known in advance will ensure people come straight to your store when searching for gifts. The earlier you start to spread the word, the further it will get. Think of in-store advertising techniques to make current customers aware of future promotions, as well as advertising outside of the store, including the distribution of leaflets and online marketing e.g. social media.

Shop Layout
There’s a high chance that for Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday, you will have new stock that requires new display stands. You’ll want to change around things like your point of sale displays to ensure that they are in line with this theme, but this also requires extra planning.

Early preparation for this gives you time to order any additional items you may require to make your displays stand out, as well as to give yourself time to think about your overall shop layout. Be smart with your displays and layout by ensuring that you show off your Valentine’s stock without hiding all of your other stock.

Window Displays
Of course, this is a great time to give your window display a clear theme. You will see Valentine’s Day windows up and down the high street, so start planning now to make sure that yours will really stand out from the crowd.

Planning early means that when Valentine’s Day comes around, you won’t be rushing to make your window display when other stores have already garnered the interest of the public with their own innovative window displays. Our top tip would be to think about backdrops and lighting, for example, simply mixing up the colours of your standard illuminated posters can give a new vibe to your window… and reds and pinks are perfect for this holiday.

Preparing Staff
As well as preparing your store, it is important to prepare your staff too. Make sure that everyone is aware of the new stock, the new store layout and also any special offers that you will have on for the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget that your staff are actually a great marketing tool for you. If you have amazing products coming in or any brilliant offers for this holiday, then not only can they make current customers aware of these offers (that they may have glanced over), but they can also may tell those close to them. This will start raising awareness for you straight away and word of mouth will help news travel faster.

Starting to Think About Valentine’s Day
Just taking the time to think about the tips mentioned above will put you in a much better position when February comes around. There is no harm in having a plan and it’s always beneficial to think ahead when you work in retail. Pushing Valentine’s Day to the side for a second, these tricks will additionally apply to any holiday that you will be advertising in store, so with that in mind, get into a habit of planning ahead well in advance for every big event/holiday this year.

If you need to invest in new furnishings and shop fittings for your store in preparation for Valentine’s Day this year, explore the VKF Renzel website further. We’re able supply you with useful POS items, including acrylic display stands, pricing displays and dump bins; certain to last you much longer that just Valentine’s Day! We can even provide you with a range of window design sets and LED lighting too. Save yourself the hassle of shopping with numerous providers and let VKF Renzel supply you with all of your retail space essentials.

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