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Equipment You Need to Have in the Office During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lockdown has sent the business world into a spiral, and social distancing has all but confined people to their homes. Thankfully, after months of the country being essentially shut down, there is a light that is beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel. This does not mean, however, that things are going back to normal - a number of precautionary measures will need to be taken to ensure that there is not a second wave of infections.

If your company is preparing to welcome back its employees, you need to ensure their health and safety is put at the forefront. As a result, there are many pieces of equipment that you need to invest in to ensure this. The team here at VKF Renzel will be more than happy to give you some insight into what is essential for you when reopening your office space.

Desk Dividers & Partition Walls

As you begin to bring more and more of your employees back to the office, one of the most effective tools to ensure social distancing is maintained and that the spread of germs is kept to a minimum, is to consider implementing a range of either desk dividers or larger partition walls.

The Sneeze Guard “Tamus” and “Desk” Partition Wall can be placed on a countertop, between two employee workspaces. This means that the need to spread desks apart is lessened, as a large, yet crystal clear partition is placed between the two individuals. Alternatively, the Rollbanner “Stick” and Aluminium Stretch Frame Partition Wall are taller (roughly 2 metre) screens, which can be placed on the floorspace to effectively separate two areas from one another. Due to the clear materials used, the presence of these items will still create an open environment and does not affect the atmosphere within the office.

Air Purifiers

Although you may not have considered this to be an essential piece of equipment, the benefits that it can bring you cannot be underestimated. The coronavirus is often transmitted through the air; therefore, if you want to limit the number of infections that occur within your workplace, it is logical to obtain an Air Purifier. For example, if you were to invest in the AP30 Pro, you will be able to reap the rewards - namely, better quality air to breathe. With this unit in your office, a concentrated level of viruses will be a thing of the past.

Facial Protection

You will likely have seen many people walking through the street with masks or coverings over their faces. Whilst some individuals may doubt the effectiveness of masks, it cannot be stressed enough how important Facial Protection is to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses. Depending on the industry that you’re operating in, there are different products which you can purchase. For those that work in an office environment, a simple Non-Woven Fabric Mask will more than suffice. If you are working in a more hands-on profession, it may be advisable to obtain a complete Protection Visor too.


As we have mentioned above, the coronavirus is often passed between people through the air, such as via breathing. This is not to say, however, that it cannot be transmitted by other methods. Studies have shown that it can live for a long period of time on unsterilised surfaces. This is a problem that can be negated by using products with Disinfectant Properties. Simply placing Disinfection Gel within bathrooms and other highly visited areas, and Wipes next to food stations, can have profound and life-saving consequences.

How can VKF Renzel help you?

Are you part of the government’s designation of key workers, and have recently been ordered to return to work if possible? Do you find yourself in charge of ensuring that your company has an adequate supply of PPE equipment? VKF Renzel is here to help. As a company, we are dedicated to providing firms with all the equipment that they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether you are looking for quality facial masks to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, crystal clear partition walls, or even desire information display stands, such as a poster displays or A boards, to make the lives of your workers easier, one thing is certain; when you purchase from us, you will only be the recipient of high-quality products.

Alongside our diverse catalogue of products, over the years we have cultivated a reputation for ourselves as being attentive and transparent with our clients. This guarantees that before purchasing from us, you have all the information necessary to making an informed decision. We want to ensure that you are left smiling and satisfied after dealing with us. If you are interested in any of our products, why not get in touch with us today? Contact us directly on 01527 878311 or to discuss your requirements further.
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