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Ways In Which To Improve Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

After the UK Government’s latest announcement, you most likely now have a roadmap of when you are able to reopen your store to the public. This exciting news may mean that for your business it is time to adapt your marketing strategy to make up for lost sales. During the lockdown conditions that the country has been under the last twelve months, companies have been forced to adapt the way in which they attract the attention of clients.

To make up for lost time, some have realised that modern methods which incorporate technological aspects are the recipe for success. Others believe that, with slight tweaks, more traditional means can also have the desired effect. Here atVKF Renzel, we have the specialist knowledge required to guide you through this potential minefield. 


Over the years, the way that posters have been deployed has certainly undergone a vast amount of change. In their current iteration, it is vital that you use an aluminium frame, as this will allow you to place it in any area that you wish, without having to worry about the damaging effects of the weather. Not only this, but these can be fantastic at highlighting special offers that you may be running, as well as launch campaigns that you have coming up. Whilst perhaps not the most innovative option, you cannot argue with their results.

Similarly, if you wish to have an aluminium frame but also want the opportunity to quickly alter poster inserts- look no further than our click frames. With snap frame technology our click frames come in various sizes and give you the ease & quickness of changing your poster inserts.

Bicycle Stands

You may have noticed, over the past few years, the increased number of people that use bikes on a daily basis. For some, this is a way in which to stay fit and healthy; in other instances, they are a greener alternative to the other methods of commuting. Whatever the case may be, you can easily cash in on this trend with the help of bicycle stands. These can be printed with various messages and slogans, whilst also offering a practical function to your audience. This, it has to be said, is considered to be a win-win situation, and not one to be passed over without a second glance.


At first glance, you would be forgiven for dismissing inflatables as a realistic option - there is somewhat of a childlike atmosphere to them which certainly means that they are not right for some firms. However, if you were to give them a chance, you may be surprised to see the way that they work in the field. Provided that you choose the right design and manufacturer, these can be employed as a way in which to grab passer-by’s attention, which can reap incredible rewards depending on your location.


Though some may not term them as advertising products, there is no denying the incredible effect thattents can have on proceeding. During the warm summer months, these can be used as a remote base of operations, from which you can launch more aggressive and proactive marketing drives. You could, for instance, set upleaflet stands and stalls underneath this, or perhaps have some of your employees here offering information to those that are interested.

VKF Renzel - Who Are We?

If you have come to the conclusion that the existing methods which your firm uses to try and advertise to prospective customers is not working, and think that you need to spend money on improvements across the board, you may be intrigued to learn how it is that VKF Renzel can offer some much-needed assistance.

As a company, we stock some of the finest office equipment on the market. This means, for instance, that if you require aluminium poster frames which can easily withstand the harsh British climate, or illuminated displays that will shed some light on some of your flagship products, we will not leave you feeling disappointed. Want to chat with one of our representatives, and determine a course of action that you are satisfied with? If so, we suggest one of two things - either call us on 01527 878311, or write to us at
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