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Which COVID-19 Safety Measures Should You Invest In?

Regardless of the industry that you operate in, when the lockdown eventually lifts you will need to be wary of the coronavirus, and put into place adequate measures to protect not only your workforce, but also your customers. You may be unsure as to what products are best-suited to improve your environment - you will be thrilled to hear that this is not a decision that you have to make alone. Here at VKF Renzel, we have a vast collection of safety products; below, you can find some of our most prominent units.

Hand Sanitiser

When it comes to the quintessential anti-coronavirus product, it is hard to look past hand sanitizer as the ideal unit to purchase. These alcoholic gels are designed to imbue the users with protection. For those of you that are looking to make the shopping experience for your clients even easier, rather than hand sanitiser bottles, you can get hands-free dispensers that operate using a step. By doing this, there is a lower risk of cross-contamination, and this could prove to be invaluable in destroying this horrendous virus. 

Face Protection

Arguably one of the most important steps that the population has had to become accustomed to in light of the coronavirus crisis is the wearing of protective masks in public. Facial protection is imperative, as it provides you with a barrier that looks to prevent the virus from passing into your system. If you are someone that suffers from a respiratory condition, it could be worthwhile investing in a visor instead. This means that your ability to breathe will not be compromised, whilst simultaneously providing you with some much-needed protection. Visors are also advantageous if you have difficulty hearing as the clear visor allows the capability to lipread. You will be pleased to hear that there are various styles available, meaning that you can enjoy a unique look whilst out-and-about.


Floor Stickers

Whilst it is no longer mandatory for retail establishments to implement a one-way system, it can still prove to be incredibly effective at limiting the transmission of the coronavirus. This is because it drastically reduces the amount of face-to-face contact that customers have. Though perhaps not the most glamorous of products, what cannot be disputed is the effectiveness that floor stickers have when put into place. Floor stickers are used as a polite and constant reminder for your customers to ensure they are keeping themselves and others safe by providing a safe distance apart. There are a few options available to you in this category - you can either opt for simple floor marking tape, or more descriptive ones that are emblazoned with ‘keep your distance’.
Keep Your Distance Floor Sticker


Now that the vaccine is being rolled out successfully, more places are setting themselves up as vaccine centres. As well as this, there are now more testing facilities too! If you have attended any medical facility recently, it will not have escaped your notice that outside, there will be several tents. Tents are designed to ensure that before entry, you have been looked-over for any coronavirus-related symptoms. Whilst simple in their composition, there is no doubt that they are an incredible way in which to achieve results. Were you to combine this with the investment of quick-action tests, and what you have is a foolproof way to protect your clients.

VKF Renzel - Here To Help

Have you been attempting to find hand sanitiser holders in the UK that are relatively cheap, yet are first-class in quality? Are you struggling to source alcohol hand gel that comes accompanied by dispenser bottles that are easy to use? Should either of these scenarios sound familiar to you, the chances are that you could greatly benefit from the services offered by VKF Renzel. In the United Kingdom, you will be hard-pressed to find an online shop that has the same standard of coronavirus-related products. If you wish to learn a little more about how we can be of assistance, you can find our contact information detailed on our website - we look forward to hearing from you.
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