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How to Encourage Passersby to Eat at Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive. If your restaurant is in a busy town or on a high street, then you can almost guarantee that you will have a vast amount of competition. Serving the best food in the world isn’t always enough to fill your restaurant night after night, of course it helps, but you should be considering what else you can do to entice people in.

If someone is planning on going out for dinner then in this technological world, they are more often to book a table and plan in advance where there are going. These customers are great to have but there is also another type of customer that it is worth focusing on, the passerby - these are the people walking down the high street contemplating food. What can you do to get these people to stop at your restaurant? Keep reading to find out more!

Give Out Leaflets
Leaflets are a great marketing tool for restaurants; they are a fantastic way to show people what you offer, when you are open and other relevant information. However, don’t waste your time and money on a generic flyer with just your menu on it. It is unlikely that people passing by will have the time to actually read it and therefore convert into a customer.

The best types of leaflets you can give out are small, targeted leaflets with one simple message and a coupon/promotion. Providing money off and free items are always great ways to get people through the door, so handing this to a passerby may be an effective method to help convince them to come in. If you can’t spare a member of staff to hand them out you can use a Leaflet Stand next to an LED Menu Stand so people can help themselves instead.

Clearly Advertise Discounts
Along with any additional promotions that you may be offering, if your customers are being given leaflets, you should also clearly advertise any ongoing discounts or meal offers that you have. It is no good having incredible deals in your restaurant if no one knows about them - especially if you are trying to attract potential customers inside.

One of the easiest ways to clearly advertise your discounts is with an Outdoor A-Board. Ensure that you have some attractive artwork that clearly states what you have to offer and display it on the pavement outside for all passersby to see. Our top tip would be to use a Sign with Lighting, and this way it can be seen even when it’s dark, which it is often when people are looking for somewhere to eat.

Make Your Restaurant Stand Out
It isn’t uncommon for restaurants to be in a long line of competition with other food establishments or in a town that has lots of other places to eat. You need to think of ways to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. The outer appearance is so important for any restaurant, especially in an area with a lot of foot traffic.

Extend the interior style, mood and ambience of your restaurant to its external facade. Using an unconventional paint colour, creative window decor or bold signage can make a potential customer stop and take a second look when they might otherwise have passed you by.

Use Your Windows
Everyone likes to take a sneak peek at what a restaurant serves up before they decide to go in and order. Therefore, you should always offer a nice view to those who slow down while walking past to take a look inside. Ideally, you should have tables by the windows and always aim to fill these so that your restaurant looks busy.

As people can see into your windows, you should also ensure that the internal appearance of the restaurant always looks exceptional and welcoming; keeping the tables dressed and using centrepieces such as candles and flowers can aid in making every table look more appealing. Something as small as using Menu Folders instead of vertical plastic menu holders could also make a difference to someone peering through the window, particularly if you are aiming towards a more luxurious market.

All in all, there are lots of simple things you can implement to entice greater numbers of people into your restaurant. Remember how important passersby can be and don’t neglect them completely by focusing all of your time and attention on pre-bookings.

If you are looking to invest in any of the items mentioned above and are searching for a supplier to purchase outdoor menu stands, light up a-boards, menu folders or any other extras, then take a look through the VKF Renzel website today.
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