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Best Ways In Which To Improve Your Shelf Management

Being a retailer in the twenty-first century is notoriously difficult, not least due to the increasing trend of people doing their shopping online. The internet has led to more individuals focusing on convenience, rather than sheer quality. It is for this reason that it is imperative to optimise your operations, so that you can make sales to those who grace your establishment with their presence. A prime example of this is improving your shelf management, which is something that is often overlooked. If you would like some expert advice, all you need to do is listen to the words of VKF Renzel.

Shelf Lighting

If you are someone that has been part of the retail industry for a number of years, you will recognise that it is important to draw the customer’s attention to the more desirable and expensive items within the stock. Whilst there are countless ways in which you can achieve this, the most modern, and arguably effective, is to install shelf lighting. If you want to highlight the product itself, we would suggest installing Inline Lighting above, in order to create a spotlight effect. Alternatively, the Scanner Rail Set will amplify the branding and description.

Shelf Dividers

In order to be seen as one of the leading firms within the world of retail, it is important to be the embodiment of professionalism. The chances of someone wanting to buy a product from you is significantly lessened, should your shelves appear to be a mess. Whilst many consider them to be a small investment, the effectiveness of shelf dividers cannot be disputed. They give you the chance to restore order and harmonium which is appreciated greatly by customers.


Stock Pushers

Should you be someone that is trying to make better use of their time on the shop floor, the item which you could benefit most from is a stock pusher. Although its design is relatively simple, the way in which it saves you time cannot be matched. In essence, it is called into action each and every time a product gets taken off the shelf - with a pressurised mechanism, it replaces the front unit, a job which had to be completed manually in times gone by.

Clip Strips

Whilst they would certainly not be considered a glamorous product, the fact of the matter is that clip strips play a vital role within countless retail establishments up-and-down the country. Impulse buying is a trait which is harboured by many individuals - this unit simply feeds into this. Were you to, for example, install these close to your points of sale, and fill them with products with a fairly low price, you will soon see a drastic increase in your total revenue. Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to merchandising strips.

VKF Renzel - Who Are We?

Are you trying to find acrylic shelf dividers in the UK, for a price which, whilst competitive, remains affordable? Do you wish to locate a firm that is well-stocked with countless products related to the average office? If either of the prior questions evoked a positive response, there is but one name that should come to mind.

With VKF Renzel, you get a company that recognises the needs for fantastic customer service, but does not let this compromise the overall standard of products. If you would like to learn more about the way in which we operate, our representatives will be happy to discuss in more detail! Contact us today!

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