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Outdoor Advertising Products That Your Restaurant Can Use

As you will have likely noticed, companies are slowly-but-surely being allowed to re-open for business, thanks to the fantastic effect that the previous lockdown has had on curbing the infection rate of the coronavirus. In particular, cafes and restaurants are now able to serve outdoor customers, which is nothing short of excellent. Before you get ahead of yourself, however, it is vital that you invest in the right outdoor advertising units. This is where VKF Renzel enters into the picture; below, we have highlighted some of the options that could be just what your business has been looking for.

Showcasing your Menu’s

Diners come to your restaurants for the most important thing- the food. Many diners may take a look at your menus on offer before deciding whether to dine in. It is a good idea to make use of our “menu card showcase” outside the front of your restaurant. This showcase is waterproof and lockable, protecting the menus inside. Once in your premises, it is still vital to advertise your menus, especially if you have different food offerings for seasonal occasions or special offers. Counter top menu holders and table talkers are a great way to showcase your meals and drinks. Use countertop chalkboards to create more personalized displays.

Pavement Signs

At first glance, you may feel as if there are various pieces of upgraded equipment that can improve upon the aesthetics of pavement signs. However, if you take a moment, you should come to the realisation that these can act as a cost-effective investment. Provided that you take the time and effort necessary to come up with a decorative design, you should have no trouble in attracting potential diners. Please note that in order for this to be a successful venture, you will want to erect more than one of these products.  

Sandwich Boards

Despite the fact that they have been deployed as part of marketing and advertising campaigns for a number of years, sandwich boards remain a highly functional and effective piece of equipment to possess. It is true that a large proportion of the younger generations respond to more-modern methods, such as those which utilise social media; however, there is nothing wrong with remaining traditional in your efforts. When you place one of these over a reliable member of your staff, you will be granted the chance to gain publicity and coverage for your restaurant - we suggest that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

VKF Renzel - Who Are We?

Should you be someone that has been attempting to source wearable sandwich boards in the UK, or believe that now is the best time to invest in a long-lasting pavement sign, it is hard to think of a better firm to help you than VKF Renzel. In the past, we operated predominantly in the supplying of office equipment. However, we have always been keen to broaden our horizons, and now we are in possession of some of the finest promotional apparatus in the country. Why not send us a message today at, and see if we have what you and your business are looking for?
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