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Simple, but Effective Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Store

Unfortunately, with the convenience and ease of online shopping, fewer and fewer people are turning to the high-street to do their shopping. This has put an increase in pressure on shops to ensure that they are still getting plenty of customers through the door and making a good profit.

With everyone in a similar position, many store owners can feel as though they’re stuck in a rut with few solutions to make their shop stand out from competitors. With that said, there are some simple things you can to do ensure you are still getting the foot-traffic you require. Here at VKF Renzel, we’ve put together a list of easy, yet effective ways you can attract more customers into your store.

Update Your Signage
The outside of your store, including any signage is the first thing that your potential customers will see. It is the first tool that’ll create an impression of your business to each individual and has to be eye-catching and fit for your store to avoid people from walking away. Your signage needs to clearly tell people the name of your shop and hopefully give some indication as to what you offer.

High-quality signage creates a positive and professional image for your business as a whole; you want to ensure your store looks like a high-quality and reliable retailer, particularly if you’re selling goods or services with a much higher value. Not only are you likely to see a rise in the number of visitors to your store, but it also increases the awareness of the products you offer to those passing by.

Put Time into Window Displays
Now your signage is up-to-date and showing you off in your best light, you need to follow this up with your window displays. These offer a glimpse into your store and help to entice people in, making them fall in love with what they see in the window.

Choose some of your best stock, and arrange it in a way that it can be seen clearly. If you’re a fashion retailer think about making use of Mannequins, after all, clothes always look better on a body. For estate agents, the use of Cable Displays at the window can drastically aid in effectively showing a selection of houses currently on the market. No matter what your business is best known for, show this in your window and of course, ensure that they are always well-lit and clean as to create a good impression for those outside.

Rearrange the Interior
Nothing entices people somewhere like their curiosity. If your store has remained the same inside for years, then customers know what to expect and are unlikely to reenter. However, if you rearrange the interior and make it known that you have done so, people will be more intrigued to see what has changed.

Rethink your display techniques to make a customer’s journey through the shop flow more. Also, spruce up your display stands, try and think outside of the box, use layers and heights. For example, if you are a jeweller, try and create imaginative displays with these Acrylic Plinths.

Think About Lighting
Lighting is so important both inside and outside of the store. A well-lit shop interior is inviting to customers and will also allow them to see your products clearly, making their shopping experience easier. Whereas a badly lit shop is the complete opposite; it can lessen the convenience for guests when shopping and in some cases make those passing by think that you’re actually closed.

Additionally, external lighting can draw people to your shop and is increasingly so important during the darker winter months. For example, something as simple as an external LED-Backlit Menu can make a difference for cafes and restaurants. The easier you can make it for your customers to see what you offer inside, the better.

Use Branded Shopping Bags
Do you ever walk around and notice someone carrying a specific branded shopping bag? For some individuals, it may push them to go and seek out this particular store, but for others the branding on the bag may be taken in subconsciously; they may not be completely aware that they’ve seen the branded item, but are unknowingly taking in note of the item which may influence one’s purchasing decisions later down the road. This is what you want you need from your bags. Don’t just think of them as a practicality, they are such a great marketing tool, so always ensure that your bags are branded.

Another great way to make sure that lots of people will get to see your bag is by giving away Reusable Woven Bags to shoppers. They are likely to then reuse your bag on various occasions, each time advertising your store.

Make the Store Stand Out
If your store is in a long line of well-kept shops that all look very similar from the outside, which can be the situation on many high streets, then you need to do something to make you stand out from the others. Don’t hide away and just hope that people notice your store, use clever techniques to catch people’s eyes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to do anything over the top. Simply invest in some A-Boards or Poster Stands for the pavement outside. They are a great way of garnering people’s attention, especially if other stores along the street don’t have them.

Making These Changes
Although it may seem like a lot, everything mentioned is incredibly easy to implement and you can begin making changes straight away. If you require any items to assist with these small, yet vital improvements, then VKF Renzel is the website you need to visit. We can provide you with anything from illuminated posters and outdoor leaflet holders to promotional banners and display stands. Everything you require to attract more customers into your store is all in one place, so why look anywhere else?
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